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10 Best Uses of IoT in Enterprises

Since the rise of IoT many enterprises have successfully leveraged them. Let us take a look at some of the wonders created by internet of things.

If there is one phenomenon that almost every small and major enterprise and technology expert is tracking proactively it is internet of things (IoT). The phenomenal rise in the number of IoT platforms and IoT solutions providers is testimony to the fact that many enterprises are looking to embrace IoT before their competitors to gain an edge in the business.

An estimate by Gartner Inc, indicates that the amount of interconnected devices will reach 20.8 billion by2020.

It is no surprise that there are a whole lot of investments flowing in for IoT solutions as enterprises develop their unique IoT functionality using IoT platforms. Here is a look at 10 best uses of IoTs by corporations and enterprises across the globe in their niche sectors.

1: Maritime vessel tracking by Ericson

Sweden based communication giant Ericson is using IoT solutions for its ‘Maritime ICT cloud’ systems creating smart infrastructure for the shipping industry. The company uses sensors on ships and vessels to track location, speed, temperature and other variants based on IoT solutions. With a real time data analytics on offer, such data is shared with enterprises shipping goods and warehouses for an effective compunction for all shipments including temperature sensitive goods.

2: Car safety automation by Daimler

German auto giant Daimler is offering increasing car safety using its IoT platform. The company is automating its safety procedures using access to proximity control, lane keeping assistants, 3D maps etc. It allows drivers to maintain safe distance from others when on road. The use of IoT based radar sensors is also helping drivers improve their response time leading to a safer driving experience with automation control.

3: Smart engine maintenance by Rolls-Royce

Auto major Rolls-Royce in association with Microsoft is making use of IoT to make intelligent engines for planes. IoT platforms developed by the two make use of various in flight sensors, flight operations, fuel usage and other essential parameters to report on condition of engine to allow for remote maintenance.

4: Smart meters in Canada

Canadian power giant BC Hydro has been one of the pioneers to adopt IoT solutions. The company has invested over $900 million for smart meter implementation as part of its IoT solutions. IoT based remote monitoring has ensured reduction of power theft by over 75% while ensuring high savings through remote service.

5: Smarter supply chain logistics implemented by Coca Cola

Beverage major Coca Cola is making use of IoT platforms by opting for a VOIP based supply chain system. The enterprise has replaced all its keyboard driven operations with voice resulting in a savings of over $2million while also increasing supply chain accuracy to reach 99.8% levels.

6: River water conservation project in China

The Yellow River Conservancy Commission (YRCC) in Zhengzhou, China has adopted IoT solutions to analyze and collect data using sensors to monitor infrastructure stability. As a result the commission is able to predict water floods or pre ascertain damage that canbe caused by any future floods leading to infrastructural efficiency.

7: Efficient mining by Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto mines in Australia are using IoT functionality resulting in finding more efficient methods of extracting minerals. IoT solutions adopted by Rio Tinto mines are allowing the enterprise to centralize all operations remotely including 24/7 monitoring of operations, checking on autonomous truck haulage, drilling needs and safety of its employees.

8: Secure banking implemented by Banco de Cordoba, Argentina

Banco de Cordoba based in Argentina is using IoT platform for its video and protection collaboration projects. The bank has implanted a cyber security system that can be managed from a central location resulting in higher efficiency, low load on employees and better banking services as a result.

9:IoT hospitality implemented by Savoy Hotel, London

London-based Hotel Savoy offers customer hospitality that is linked to the hotel’s IoT platform. Guest’s orders get converted to an audio data file altering the hotel’s hospitality department. Guests can send multiple orders over the network offering high end customer experience or ordering virtually everything and anything.

10:IoT interconnection by Virgin Atlantic

Airline major Virgin Atlantic is using IoT solutions by ensuring connection of all cargo with sensors and IoT devices. As a result Virgin is becoming a cargo air carrier, which has interconnection from everything to its engines, landing gear, cargo etc resulting in IoT efficiency.

Conclusion: IoT solutions are offering the advantage of next generation computation helping business soar their up line in a multi device connected world.


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