Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Amazon Echo

10 Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is an Alexa-powered speaker, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks in a flash. For sure, you might be using it to play music, make calls, ask questions, send and receive messages, and control smart home devices. Apart from this, it holds a treasure trove of extraordinary features about which you don’t even have a flea in your ears. Sensing this need, we’ve come up with this post to make you aware of its secret gems. Here’s a closer look at things you can do with your Amazon Echo. Let’s get started.

  1. Call Uber

Once you activate your Echo speaker, you can opt for Amazon Alexa help to hail a ride for you. All you need to do is simply say, “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride”. The smart speaker even lets you arrange an Uber Black or Uber XL for larger parties.

  1. Order a Pizza

Not in the mood to cook dinner? Well, you can use your Amazon Echo to order a Domino’s Pizza. Just create a profile on Domino’s official website and place your order. You can also track your order by using Alexa.

  1. Track Your Steps

If you use a Fitbit, you can make use of Alexa to keep a track of your fitness goals. Amazon’s little gal provides you fitness data from Fitbit, including steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

  1. Manage Your Google Calendar

You can also use your Amazon Echo to add events and review calendar events. In order to enable the feature, you need to launch the Alexa app and navigate to the Settings > Calendar section. Afterward, select Google Calendar and then tap on the Link Google Calendar account option. Next, login to your Google account and ask Alexa, “Where is my next event?” or “what’s on my calendar?”

  1. Color Control

With the Echo, you can get Amazon Alexa help to change the color of smart lights. Just say, ‘make the living room fuschia’ or ‘make my lamp blue’ and she’ll make it happen.

  1. Figure out What to Eat for Lunch

All thanks to Alexa’s food suggestion skill, you’ll never get stuck in a lunch rut again. All you need to do is merely say, “Alexa, what should I have for lunch?” and she’ll endow you with relevant local eateries, helping you keep your lunchtime routine fresh.

  1. Get Some Help with Math

Got puzzled with a math problem? Well, Alexa can help you out. You can ask Alexa to convert dollars to pesos, know what 11 times 55 is, and much more. It’s a faster solution than manually looking for the answer on the Internet or whipping out a calculator.

  1. Set up One-click Shopping on Amazon

Shopping for items on Amazon is super easy once you’ve set up Amazon Prime’s one-click shopping skill. You can choose from thousands of items; however, you can’t see the product details before buying.

  1. Wake up to Your Favorite Tunes

You can also use your Echo speaker to set up your favorite song as your alarm tone. All you need to do is simply say, “Alexa, wake me up to (song name)”.

  1. Keep Your Coffee Stash Intact

If you have a smart coffee machine, you can ask Alexa to start the brewing process for you once you wake up. Even better, you can add an Amazon Dash button to make sure Alexa automatically re-orders coffee burns before your stash runs out.


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