5 Essential WordPress Plugins for Business Websites

Most businesses in the present day are relying on WordPress for creating their websites. For a website builder, WordPress acts as a powerful tool which when wielded properly will make a huge difference. Plugins are highly beneficial and further improves the content management system. To make sure your site is unique and modern on all counts, you must have a clear idea about the essential WordPress plugins. A good workman must know her tools! So, here is a list of 5 essential WordPress plugins that custom WordPress development services highly recommend.

wp forms

Experts unanimously approve that wp forms are one of the best WordPress plugins out there. The major cause for this is its beginner-friendly form. It uses the drag and drops feature, very commonly known to all, that is still popular especially for those just starting out. It is commonly used for creating payment forms, contact forms, polls, order forms etc. As building contacts are definitely at the top of the agenda of every business owner, this is a plugin to give a thought about definitely.

Backup Buddy

A business venture with no backup is unimaginable by all counts. We have to factor in the uncertainty of our lives while leading a business. Any hardware failure or server malfunction can have a huge impact on the business if you do not maintain a proper backup of all the data. Setting up a plugin for backup should, therefore, be the first of your priorities. Backup Buddy makes it all easy by facilitating the back up of the information with just a few clicks.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a blessing for search engine optimizers. It keeps the optimization process on track. This includes adding meta tags as well. Yoast SEO will make sure that your site is well optimised for the search engine. Therefore, it is highly popular among the website developers. It helps create great content and also gives a preview of the content before you post it. As a tool, it is just indispensable.

Option Monster

This is again one of the most sought-after WordPress plugins. It makes an email subscriber out of those leaving the website. Thus, your website can create leads with a lot of ease. By getting the customers to subscribe to the email newsletter, this plugin helps the business owners to keep in touch with its customers. This way, you can target even the casual browsers and make devoted customers out of them.

Constant Contact

Another plugin to build contacts, Constant Contact goes an extra mile to send emails to subscribers. It greatly aids in marketing. It also helps that it provides a beginner-friendly platform. Constant Contact and Optin Monster make an ideal pair in lead generation. The built-in tools make it all the more effective.

The above-listed WordPress plugins are considered to be some of the essential ones required for the seamless function of a website. These are the tools that, via website creation, will further strengthen your footing in the world of business. Custom website development services use these to meet all the demands of a website


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