7 Questions to ask from your SEO Expert before you handover your SEO to them

7 Questions to ask from your SEO Expert before you handover your SEO to them

If your business is not ranking high on the search engine results pages (SERP), you should start looking for an SEO expert to boost your ranking. 93% of all the traffic comes from search engines. About 75%, does not even click past the first page of the browser’s results.

This makes it clear that your business needs to rank high to drive in potential customers and sales. In other words, better search engine visibility is crucial for improved website traffic, which results in enhanced brand awareness.

This subsequently leads to higher sales and profits. However, you need a search engine optimization (SEO) professional to help your business position in the higher ranks of the browser.

In this regard, here are 7 questions that you can ask the expert who you are going to hire:

  1. How often will the SEO expert update you?

Communication is the key to successful business work. So, you need to discuss the preferred communication channel with the SEO person before you hand over the work to them. You will have to be in constant touch with them. This is necessary for any changes that the professional requires to be made in your business for improving your ranking.

It is a red flag if your SEO consultant does not require any website changes from your end. This is because on-page SEO is as essential as off-page SEO. Besides, ask the professional about how often they would give you updates on the work done on your website.

In typical cases, an SEO Expert sends monthly reports about the progress of your website. However, some may send you weekly updates. In sum, you need to discuss the communication channel as well as the frequency of updates in advance.

  1. What website changes will they require?

Building on one of the points mentioned above, SEO generally requires an extensive number of changes to your business web page coding. For instance, consultants may beef up on-page keywords on your website or change your site’s navigation, and so on.

It is essential that you know how the consultant aims to proceed with that and what adjustments will be made. You would also want the SEO maven to ask for your permission before they tweak the website coding. It is best to share this with them before handing the work.

  1. How will they rank your business page in the browser?

SEO is a complicated territory to wade into. On top of that, it is pretty unpredictable owing to the changing Google algorithms. However, that does not mean that an SEO consultant does not have a plan on the ready. To this end, you need to inquire about their ranking strategy for your business.

Steer clear of consultants who won’t talk about their methods freely. They are likely going to use spam practices. Additionally, ask about the on-page optimization process that the SEO expert will follow. Don’t forget to make sure that the consultant gives you an initial technical review of your site. This should tell you about broken links, error pages, and why your site is ranking low.

  1. Can they provide referrals and reviews?

Fan and Fuel reports that 94% of the customers read online reviews. Moreover, 84% trust these reviews as much as they trust a friend’s recommendation. So, it makes sense that you feel comforted by what other people have to say about the SEO consultant that you are planning to work with.

Moreover, reviews provide social proof of the consultant’s work. Referrals show that the work is so good that folks are ready to refer the services to others. Thus, another important question to ask the consultant is about the availability of testimonials, referrals, and reviews of their service.

A good SEO specialist will never hesitate in sharing reviews of their service with you. This is because most of their clients will be talking positively about them as compared to scams who only have a fraudulent record to share.

  1. Do they stick to the webmaster best practices?

It is really important that you ask the ranking specialist about their work practices. It is crucial that they adhere to webmaster best practices posted by Google. These prohibit producing spam content and adding bogus hidden links and text to it.

There is no reason to work with a consultant who does not follow these guidelines as hiring such a person would only result in your loss. A website that does not follow the guidelines set by the search engine, ranks very low on Google in the long haul. In worst cases, Google can ban such a site from the search results.

  1. Can they guarantee number one ranking on the search engine?

You need to be cautious about working with a consultant who replies with a ‘yes’ to this question. In fact, experts suggest that you shouldn’t work with such people at all. Chances are that the specialist claims that they have some insider connections with Google, Bing or Yahoo.

This is a sign of trouble. Nobody can control website rankings besides the browser giants. On top of that, SEO is unpredictable as the algorithms keep changing constantly. Therefore, an SEO consultant might give you a loose idea of how the ranking plan will proceed and how to get better positioning.  But they can’t guarantee the first position.

  1. Are they experienced in improving local SEO?

46% of all the search queries typed on Google seek local information. This means that you can easily come into your target audience’s view if your business is ranking high. Hence, local SEO is crucial for companies that are serving in a certain area.

This is why you should ask your consultant about their knowledge and expertise in local SEO. A specialist should be able to optimize your site for local SEO. This makes it appears in the SERPs as soon as someone searches for the relevant keywords.

Summing up

In sum, there is a lot that you need to discuss with an SEO maven before you give them charge of your business’s browser ranking work. These questions will also help you weed out the spam from the expert. Besides these, make sure that you discuss the contract and pricing in advance. This will ensure that everything is sorted before the work proceeds.



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