Are There Any Black Hat Seo Trends That Can Be Sneaked Into Grey Hat Techniques?

Search engine optimization pertains to the ranking of your website so that it can become visible for the customers who are available online. By convincing users to stay on your site and engage with your content, you can significantly improve the ranking of your website.

There are various techniques that people use, in order to enhance the position of their website on search engine platforms. There are three types of practices that can lead your website to better rankings in search results.

  1. White Hat Techniques

This technique refers to any practice that can enhance the search performance of your website while adhering to the rules and regulations laid down by the search engine. According to Google, White Hat SEO techniques are the ones that include keywords usage, content writing and back-linking tactics along with some other practices. All the White Hat techniques lead to organic results which are considered to be legal.

  1. Black Hat Techniques

These are the tactics that are considered to be illegal by most of the search engines and are disapproved for improving the ranking of your website. Black Hat techniques include practices like keyword stuffing, adding invisible text in your website’s content, using irrelevant keywords, page swapping and some other tactics. Although Black Hat techniques are effective, they are equally risky as well because search engines can penalize your website for using illegal methods.

  1. Grey Hat Techniques

These are the practices that lie somewhere between White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques and therefore they remain undefined. If you are using Grey Hat techniques, search engines might not penalize your website but in the long run, there is a possibility that these techniques might fall into the Black Hat category because search engines are introducing new algorithms and updates every now and then.

With that being said, let’s discuss some Black Hat trends that might get sneaked into Grey Hat in the near future.

  1. Paid Links

Although this technique is considered to be illegal by many search engine websites, it can still be used without creating suspicion. If you are able to buy valuable links, you might be able to improve the ranking of your website. When you are buying the links, you pay for the content and the anchor text which is added according to your preference. These two factors are enough for you to manipulate the rankings of search engines.

  1. Spam Comments

This technique is used for generating backlinks. Although this technique won’t help you in the long run, it is still used by several people who are willing to gain short-term success. You do not even have to enter the comments manually because there are various tools available online that you can use to generate automatic comments.

  • Article Spinning

This technique is used by people who do not have time to write fresh new content. Instead of writing an article from scratch, they copy articles from other sources and spin the words using software so that search engines cannot penalize the content for plagiarism. Currently, search engines might not be able to decipher your content but in the upcoming years, due to technological advancements, search engines will be able to judge your content and your website might get penalized for spinning the content. Guest Post Article Submission is one of the best ways to get backlinks from other quality websites.

  1. Purchasing Followers and Automating Social Media

Social automation tools like Hootsuite and Buffer do not fall in the Black Hat technique because they are legitimate tools that are used to manage multiple accounts. However, other tools that automatically follow and unfollow thousands of users are strictly Grey Hat. You can use these tools to increase your online followers to enhance the reputation of your firm, but you will not have engagement on your page because these followers are meaningless.

  1. Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are also known as bridge pages or jump pages and are designed to optimize keywords for certain queries. Website owners use this technique to divert traffic to a particular page by manipulating the search engines. By using your Mediacom internet service, you can apply this trick to transfer a visitor from one result to another.

  1. Keywords Stuffing

Keywords stuffing is a well-known Black Hat technique where people use the same keywords multiple times on the same page to improve its visibility. However, search engines are now smarter than before and they can easily pinpoint the websites that are practising such techniques. Therefore, if you are using this technique on your website, make sure that you do not use the same keyword more than a certain amount of limit.

  • Invisible Text

Entering invisible text in your content is also a Black Hat technique. People usually enter white text in their content so that it blends with the white background. Visitors cannot see the white text but search engines can. If your website gets caught, it might get penalized for practising something that is not legal.

Consequences of Using Illegal Techniques

Black Hat techniques are extremely risky because they can significantly affect the ranking of your website if the search engines catch you practising them on your site. No matter how smart you are, sooner or later, search engines will detect something unusual with your website. Grey Hat techniques, on the other hand, are not considered to be completely illegal because most of these techniques are not well-defined by the search engine policies. However, you need to be careful when applying these techniques on your website because there is a very thin line between Black Hat techniques and Grey hat techniques.


There are many companies that use Grey Hat techniques but websites that are seriously concerned about their online reputation do not engage in such activities. Well-reputed sites cannot risk their online image and therefore, they go for the safer option, which is the White Hat technique. If you want your business to sustain in the long run, always go for the White Hat techniques because they last longer and there is no fear of getting caught.


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