The Most Effective Tool For A Business To Grow

Every business wants to broaden its activities worldwide so that there are more profits due to the sale of products and increase in customers. To increase the customer base you have to know what potential customers need. In order to know what they need, it is very important for you to have a good communication system with them so that you can get feedback on what you have sold to them. As the market orientation has been changed to the customer oriented market it is very important to know the demands, tastes and preferences of the customers. For a business to have good communication systems it is very important that it uses various strategic methods so that it stands out in the competition.

The best method to strengthen the communication system of a business who has its customers worldwide and to increase the customer base in the whole world is the virtual telephone system. This system has the main purpose of increasing the number of customers you already have and is very suitable for the businesses who have just started. The businesses who work on a small scale also have a huge advantage of using the virtual phone system which has a certain type. The businesses who have already established can use the Mighty Call which has a lot of features in addition to the other types of virtual telephone system. As a business has to know what is customer needs a large business has to upgrade the products it already is selling so that even if it has a large scale production it has to be upgraded with time which can only be possible if you get a good feedback from the customers from time to time.

For small businesses, onebox is the type of virtual phone number that is the most suitable. It offers the businesses who work with small number ofemployees. It is the most suitable where the number of employees is about 2 to 5 people and the customer base is also small. It is the perfect way out for the businesses who don’t want to pay large amounts on installing the system and also want the benefits of the virtual telephone system as the big businesses have with Mighty Call. The one box system does not provide you with the features of auto attendant and call queues. This system also doesn’t provide you with the feature of unlimited texting as you have to pay for each text you do.

There are many benefits of using the virtual telephone system for the business as well as the customers. The customers just have to dial the toll free number that is local to them and the call will be transferred to the receiver phone number according to his convenience where the auto attendant feature will receive the call and greet the customer professionally. The customer will get the feeling of calling a local company and getting the products and services of international standards.

Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Amazon Echo

10 Coolest Things You Can Do with Your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is an Alexa-powered speaker, enabling you to perform a variety of tasks in a flash. For sure, you might be using it to play music, make calls, ask questions, send and receive messages, and control smart home devices. Apart from this, it holds a treasure trove of extraordinary features about which you don’t even have a flea in your ears. Sensing this need, we’ve come up with this post to make you aware of its secret gems. Here’s a closer look at things you can do with your Amazon Echo. Let’s get started.

  1. Call Uber

Once you activate your Echo speaker, you can opt for Amazon Alexa help to hail a ride for you. All you need to do is simply say, “Alexa, ask Uber for a ride”. The smart speaker even lets you arrange an Uber Black or Uber XL for larger parties.

  1. Order a Pizza

Not in the mood to cook dinner? Well, you can use your Amazon Echo to order a Domino’s Pizza. Just create a profile on Domino’s official website and place your order. You can also track your order by using Alexa.

  1. Track Your Steps

If you use a Fitbit, you can make use of Alexa to keep a track of your fitness goals. Amazon’s little gal provides you fitness data from Fitbit, including steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

  1. Manage Your Google Calendar

You can also use your Amazon Echo to add events and review calendar events. In order to enable the feature, you need to launch the Alexa app and navigate to the Settings > Calendar section. Afterward, select Google Calendar and then tap on the Link Google Calendar account option. Next, login to your Google account and ask Alexa, “Where is my next event?” or “what’s on my calendar?”

  1. Color Control

With the Echo, you can get Amazon Alexa help to change the color of smart lights. Just say, ‘make the living room fuschia’ or ‘make my lamp blue’ and she’ll make it happen.

  1. Figure out What to Eat for Lunch

All thanks to Alexa’s food suggestion skill, you’ll never get stuck in a lunch rut again. All you need to do is merely say, “Alexa, what should I have for lunch?” and she’ll endow you with relevant local eateries, helping you keep your lunchtime routine fresh.

  1. Get Some Help with Math

Got puzzled with a math problem? Well, Alexa can help you out. You can ask Alexa to convert dollars to pesos, know what 11 times 55 is, and much more. It’s a faster solution than manually looking for the answer on the Internet or whipping out a calculator.

  1. Set up One-click Shopping on Amazon

Shopping for items on Amazon is super easy once you’ve set up Amazon Prime’s one-click shopping skill. You can choose from thousands of items; however, you can’t see the product details before buying.

  1. Wake up to Your Favorite Tunes

You can also use your Echo speaker to set up your favorite song as your alarm tone. All you need to do is simply say, “Alexa, wake me up to (song name)”.

  1. Keep Your Coffee Stash Intact

If you have a smart coffee machine, you can ask Alexa to start the brewing process for you once you wake up. Even better, you can add an Amazon Dash button to make sure Alexa automatically re-orders coffee burns before your stash runs out.

Quick Ways to Speed up Windows 8

4 Quick Ways to Speed up Windows 8

Windows 8 is known for its improved speed and performance. It boots faster than earlier versions of Windows, has lower memory usage, and boasts awesome features providing a great user experience. However, no matter how faster Windows 8 is, after a while, it starts to slow down due to a number of reasons such as over occupied disk space, hardware issues, to name a few. Not only does a sluggish PC waste your time but it affects your work quality as well. Like other versions of Windows, you can tweak Windows 8 settings to improve computer performance. In this post, we’ll make you familiar with 4 quick ways to speed up Windows 8. Check them out.

  1. Turn off Time-wasting Animations

Windows 8 show animations each time when you open, close, minimize or maximize application windows. Though these animations are eye-candy, they cause a delay while executing a command on your PC. You can disable window transitions and animations to speed up your computer.

In order to turn off animations, press the Windows key, type SystemPerformanceProperties and press the Enter key. Next, uncheck the box next to the Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing option. You can also disable some of the other animations like the Fade or slide means into view and Fade or slide ToolTips into view.

  1. Pinpoint Apps Using Lots of Resources

The Task Manager of Windows 8 lets you easily pinpoint the programs that slow down your system. To launch the Task Manager, right-click on the desktop taskbar and choose the Task Manager option. Afterward, click on the More Details option if you don’t see the full interface. Applications that make use of a lot of resources will be highlighted, making it easy for you to find which programs are eating up your PC’s resources.

  1. Use Included Security Programs

Rather than downloading and installing third-party security suites that degrade the performance of your computer, try using the included security programs. Windows comes with a built-in antivirus namely Windows Defender, which works the same as that of Microsoft Security Essentials application. Besides, Windows 8 also incorporates a SmartScan feature that analyzes how trustworthy the downloaded programs are.

  1. Modify Power Settings

Windows 8 utilize power plans to find out whether battery life or performance should be prioritized just as previous versions of Windows do. You can view your power plan settings by pressing the Windows key, typing Power Plan, clicking on Settings, and then finally, pressing the Enter key.

In the default Balanced mode, Windows automatically cuts down your CPU speed when maximize speed isn’t required, saving power of your computer. However, you should opt for the High-Performance mode to squeeze every ounce of performance from your system. In the High-Performance mode, the speed of your CPU is never reduced; CPU runs at full speed all the time.

However, this is not essentially a good thing. Even high-performance gaming PCs are being used for web browsing and it doesn’t make sense to run CPU at full speed while browsing the Internet. This just wastes power and produces additional heat. Whichever mode you settle on, make sure you’re not using Power saver as it’s only useful if you desire to squeeze as much battery life out of your system as possible.

Avast Antivirus on Your Computer

How to Install and Use Avast Antivirus on Your Computer

Almost every computer user believes that they need to stay protected from up-and-coming web hazards, but there’s still a delusion that it can be done only by paying a glut of bucks to access an antivirus software. The leading players or paid programs like Norton or McAfee are not the only options to keep viruses, adware, malware or any other threats at bay. If truth be told, many free antivirus programs are as efficient and influential as the paid ones. One such system security tool is Avast Free Antivirus.

Protecting computers for more than 17 years, Avast is a powerful system security tool to endow your system with an all-around protection against potential threats. It incorporates various features such as virus detection, browser cleanup, e-mail protection, webpage monitoring, IM monitoring, firewall, home network security, and much more.

Without further talk, let’s dive in to the post to discover how to download Avast Free Antivirus as well as use it to keep your system threat-free.

Step One: Download Avast Antivirus

  • Visit Avast’s official site
  • Click on the Download Avast Free Anivirus button
  • On the next screen, you’ll be given three options to choose from. Click “Free Download” option to continue
  • Click “Download Now” to grab the installation file
  • Once done, run the installation file. If you don’t need “Google Toolbar”, uncheck the box that reads “Yes, install the free Google Toolbar along with Avast”. Else, click “Regular Installation”
  • A default downloading location will be given but if you want to change it, you can click “Browse…” to choose a location and then click “Continue”
  • Next, in the configure step, you need to choose the components that you desire to install for Avast. Tick the options “Shields” and “Tools” and select your preferred language and click “Continue”
  • Read the End User License Agreement and click “Continue” to begin the installation process

Once the installation process is completed, you’ll be given an option to decide whether or not you want the software for your mobile phone. Click “Accept” if you want. Otherwise, click “Decline”. Now, free Avast Antivirus Software is ready to use.

Step Two: Scan and Remove Virus

Once installed completely, Avast Antivirus will run an automatic Startup scan to check threats on your computer. Meanwhile, you can click on the slider page to have a look at some security tips. As soon as the scan has completed, you’ll be provided with the results. Just click on the Resolve All button.

You can run various scans on Avast whenever your computer slows down or shows the signs of a problem. The antivirus program comes with the three scanning options: Smart Scan, Browser Cleanup, and Home Network Security. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Smart Scan

  • You can scan manually for virus and malware threats by heading over to the “Overview” section at the left side of homepage. If you want to run a quick scan, you can click “Smart Scan” which consists of all the basic scans such as Antivirus, Home Network, Software Updates, and GrimeFighter
  • Once the scan is completed, it will inform you about the issue it has found out on your computer. Click “Resolve All” to get rid of all the threats that can put your machine in danger

Browser Cleanup

  • You can also run a detailed web browsing scan by selecting “Browser Cleanup” under “Overview” section at the left side of the screen
  • Once “Browser Cleanup” has come up with the results, check whether all the add-ons listed are useless for you. If yes, click “Remove All Ad-ons” to wipe these off from your web browser(s)

Home Network Security

  • The third scan on “Overview” screen is “Home Network Security” which examines all potential issues on the entire network you’re using on your system. So, click on the said option to check and resolve home network vulnerabilities like WiFi status, portable devices, router settings etc.
SEO packages

Tips to choose SEO packages for Small Business

Awareness in increasing trends of technology is giving a nation a fast moving techno culture. It gives you information about whole world just in sitting in a room, as there is a rise in size of the IT world.  There are numerous ways to spread information with the help of making website. Earlier, website is made by some famous owner but now with gradual increase of knowledge of technology there website of colleges, shopping product, hotel, startups and many other things.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has crucial role in today’s time than before. Now it has become the need for the each and every webmaster to know the meaning and its importance in building up a new business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is compressed and short set of rules and regulation that must be followed or according to them; a website owner processed and thus makes the website easier and more suitable for the search engine leading to the rising up in the search engine ranking. One of the leading concepts is Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization helps to uplift the quality of the website as it helps in making it user friendly and also makes it faster. One of the unique features of SEO is that it gives the result of search supported with the navigation.

For small business SEO it is necessary to keep in the budget, kind of package you want, it should be info graphic, trustful, dependable and many other factors that should be kept in mind while opting for a successful SEO for small business. Therefore, what tips and why they should not be ignored while choosing SEO Packages for Small Business are listed below-

  • Charging, Fess policy – It is important to know the price or amount they going to charge for your business. Generally the SEO charges you like fixed or some ransomed price but a reputed, trustful and genuine SEO will charge you as per the keywords number of your business.
  • Creativity – It’s the that part in search engine that attracts the user to the website according to the videos, apps or images they represent that create the trust and attracts the user. This allow the small business to expands and demonstrate about their field.
  • Trustworthy- The SEO you are using for your small business should be trustful and reputed. Its better that you get a referrals’ and you trust those referrals’ are great signal of surety.
  • Experience- For the optimization of the website of the business an old and having greater experience or that SEO that have been in this field from a long time choose these kind of SEO as they offer greater performance and expanding of your small business in less time .
  • Quality-Instead for going for the quantity you should choose the quality always. As this will increase the priority of your small business and lead to its growth for the superior quality.

Above points and tips should be taken into consideration before choosing SEO for small business.

Anju Chopra is Content Manager at searchclap. She loves to write blogs for fashion, travel and SEO, Adwords, Google Maps Marketing techniques and other Digital marketing trends.