Backing Up Of A Website With cPanel Backup

Nowadays, websites are available in larger numbers. The increase in the number of online services leads to the increase in the websites. Websites generally have databases and use some data. Also, the users provided information in the website is stored in these databases. Thus, the websites also need backup. This is because, the normal data loss situations like the malware and virus attack, system crash, OS failure and some other condition may affect the website. Subsequently if a website is damaged, the data related to the website also gets damaged.

Website backup

Then, what is the way to protect those data? How to secure the site and the data related to the site? The best way to secure the site and its data is to make regular backup of the data. For this purpose, a lot of backup solutions are available today. A number of companies provide backup solutions for website and its data backup. For example, cPanel backup is one of the famous backup used for this purpose. This backup is designed to backup a complete website and its data.

Why website backup is needed?

Having a backup for your site is very much important. You don’t know when your website is affected with attacks and crashes. Therefore, if you have a backup you don’t need to worry about data loss at those situations. Also, in order to provide your online service without any break you need a complete backup for your website. Similarly, the website also needs the data for its operation. Thus, having a data backup for your site is necessary.

Backup process of cPanel

  • In order to backup your website the first and foremost thing you need is to create a cPanel account.
  • Create your account and then proceed to your URL cPanel and enter your log in details
  • After logged in to your account, choose the backup option
  • It will open up the backup page. Make use of the home directory link and this is because it allows you to save the directory with all the website’s emails and files
  • Click on the link that is provided to get your email filters, databases and other files
  • After that, go ahead to your cPanel and backup all your website data and your entire website
  • Now, all your data in your website like its emails, databases, files are backed up

For more convenience, it is better to make backup of your directories at least once in every two weeks. Similarly, for emails and databases it is best to make backup for each day. This is because you don’t know when and where you need it. Therefore, it is a better idea to make backup of your full website frequently. Backing up of your data can take some time if you need to make backup of a number of websites. However, if you have backed up once, you can use it at whenever time you need it.

Thus, having a cPanel backup for your website backup is definitely a worthwhile option.


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