Basic Types Of SEO Content Every Web Owner Should Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a difficult topic as it may seem at first glance. Becoming an SEO expert takes time, dedication and experience but if you want to learn and understand how it works, it is easy. As a website owner, you need to know the basics of SEO and how it works to understand better how this can help your business. It is best to establish a good relationship with an Austin local SEO company when hiring their service so you can collaborate in making your website the be one. But before you can do any of those consultations and planning, you need to know the essential contents of SEO.


The first type is the list. It is similar to an article, but it is in the form of a file. It is useful for readers since they can scan it as fast as they can in an organized manner.


Articles are part of the significant and most important content of every website. It is a literary piece like a news or feature article. It is the one often found in magazines and newspapers, only this time; it is digital. You can write about anything you want. But for efficiency, write articles relating to your products and services. Make sure the articles talk about your products in a reasonable and attracting way so you can convert readers into customers.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the most efficient and most comfortable means to create SEO contents on a regular basis. Blog posts often get posted on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. If you have writers or if you have the time, it is advisable to create new, fresh and exciting contents to keep your readers happy. It also entices them to visit your site and patronize your product regularly.


A guide is also a type of content and more technical. It is mostly longer than articles and other forms of materials. It is a piece written to give detailed instructions and tips. Guides are often written to let users learn something and at the same time see the essence of your product.

Product Pages

Your product page is the heart of your page. It contains all details about your product and services itself. Additionally, it also serves as your advertising page. It should be attractive, realistic and factual but not boring.


Infographics are large images containing data as well as pictures and texts relating to your brand. Mostly, it also includes different types of information that users need to know without having to browse through your entire web page.


Many users prefer to look and watch videos rather than read on articles. Therefore, it is also important to have videos on your webpage. Just make sure the contents are relevant, and they are not dull.


Every webpage needs a directory so visitors will know which parts of the site they can find the information they need. It is essential to make it visible and straightforward so users can easily access and read it.

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