Mobile Apps Help in Growing Startups

How Can Mobile Apps Help in Growing Startups

It wasn’t too long ago when mobile apps were exclusive to corporations and businesses. The smaller businesses back then could only dream of reaching a state wherein they could get their mobile apps developed by the best mobile app development companies.
The times have changed a lot now. These days smaller companies are providing better solutions to their clients with the help of mobile apps. Not only is it profiting their clients, but it is also profiting them since they’re getter better returns on their investment. So much could be achieved just because of mobile apps.

According to Hacker Noon, an average person spends 4 hours and five minutes on their smartphones per day. And the number is ever-rising, so why not reach out to your customers where they’re spending their time? From using mobile phones while waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive, to using them during the TV ads, this is where your customers are spending their time. So any efforts to reach out to them via mobile apps wouldn’t go in vain. So here are a few ways in which mobile apps help in the growth of startups:

Better Uptime 

Try browsing through all the furnitures at your favorite furniture store in the block at midnight. Chances are that the store would be closed. Let’s face it; midnight isn’t the best time to do anything. You may even try visiting a few furniture stores to no avail because most of the furniture stores are closed by then.

Your favorite store wasn’t available when you needed it but IKEA is. IKEA has a mobile app with which you can view all the furnitures that it has to offer. You can even check the prices of the furnitures in the app and order accordingly. From selection to payment, everything happens online and the furnitures are delivered to your doorstep.

So which one provided you with a better uptime? Obviously, the mobile app did. As a business, it is important to consider this factor. Your customers would never complain that your services are  available to them 24/7. However, they would complain when your services aren’t available. Hence choose to get a mobile app developed for your business and keep your customers happy!

Increase Loyalty 

Since a lot of people are almost always on mobile phones, reaching out to your customers with your offers through your mobile apps would increase the loyalty of your customers. Through mobile apps, you can let them in on some insights about your company. You could interact with them and let them know that you truly care about them.

Also, you could ask them for feedbacks, and can reward them for the same. You could even conduct activities upon completing which, the customers would be rewarded. Interacting with them on a regular basis informing them about latest offers is another means of ensuring that your customers stay loyal to you.

All of these activities would result in an increased customer loyalty. When the customer feels appreciated and loved, the customer would definitely be loyal to your company. For a startup, it is these customers who shape the future of the company. Hence getting an app developed for your startup is one of the best steps you could take to ensure a bright future for your company.

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