What You Can Do to Resolve Common Startup Problems

Startup problems can become harmful for your computer. That is why Microsoft offers a few reliable tools in the administrator to resolve these problems.

Here we have provided all the tools and their usage for you to resolve the startup problems on your computer.

  1. Safe Mode

This tool allows the Windows to start with a minimal number of drivers. This way, it gets easier for the tool to create a record of the drivers that load in %windir%\Ntbtlog.txt.

  1. Last known good

This tool has the ability to restore the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSetthat was available during the last successful login to the system.

  1. System restore

To restore the saved configuration, Windows XP provides this feature.

  1. Automated System Recovery or ASR

The tool is provided to restore the boot volume from the backup.

  1. Recovery console

This one offers multiple commands to run according to the requirement of the problem.

  1. Repair

By running the Windows Setup via the product CD, the repair option helps during the installation.


Now, it is time to understand which tool suits well to resolve the problems.

  1. Corrupted master boot

You can use the Recovery Console with this problem. The fixmbr command is what you will need to resolve the problem.

  1. Corrupted or missing boot.ini

This problem requires the bootcfg/ rebuild command from the Recovery Console.

  1. Corrupted boot sector

You can run the fixboot command via the Recovery Console.

  1. Corrupted System file

Here you will need the help of three tools:

  • First, go to the Recovery Console to run the chkdsk command.
  • Then, use the ASR to restore the backup.
  • Finally, you can Repair install
  1. Blue Screen
  • Use the Last Known Good
  • For XP, you should use the System Restore
  • Start the computer in Safe Mode
  1. Corrupted registry
  • Use the chkdsk command through the Recovery Console
  • Use the System Restore if you have an XP
  • Restore from the backup of the system
  • Use the Repair install
  1. Hung System
  • The Last Known Good is required.
  • System restore for the Windows XP
  • And startup in the safe mode.

If you have any questions, call us on our toll-free number. The experienced technicians are always available to help you out with the startup problems.


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