Is Technology The Future Of Schooling?

Is Technology The Future Of Schooling?

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What does an SEO agency provide for your business?

If you’re looking to hire an SEO agency you most certainly want to know exactly what they do and the benefits they will provide for your business.

The world of search engine optimization can be quite complex but having a basic understanding will be helpful in hiring the most suitable SEO agency. Of course, asking the agency themselves is always a good starting point but you know that someone you are looking to hire is always going to make it sound better than it really is.

This is where knowing how an SEO agency will benefit your business before engaging in interviews is going to be extremely helpful in ensuring that you find the most appropriate SEO agency at the right price.

There are essentially three key elements of SEO without going into deep detail;

  • Creating content
  • Building high-quality links
  • Analysing the data

These three methods help to get your business found in the search results. Of course, when you’re looking to hire an SEO agency you want to know a little more, so here are some of the details.

Research and analysis

Every client is different and having a deep understanding of clients is critical to their SEO success. Research and analysis of past performance, what works and what doesn’t and what customers are looking for is all key to the development of a campaign for clients.

There is a lot of planning that goes into every effort by an SEO agency to ensure that success is achieved. They are experts at solving problems and overcoming challenges. There are a few key activities that aid in the research and analysis part of an SEO agency;

  • Keywords – keyword research is important to find the right keywords that consumers are using and then finding those that are relevant but not as heavily targeted by competition.
  • Google Analytics – this is the core of research providing information on traffic, who, where and what people are searching for as well as the best time of day for search.
  • Link profile – having a strong link profile is crucial to gaining domain authority but having irrelevant and low-quality links will hurt this. A good SEO agency will constantly evaluate this.
  • Website audit – an SEO agency needs to know how well your site is performing as it is one of the crucial factors in search rank. Load speed, internal linking, structure, and content are all looked at.


Following a detailed research and analysis, the SEO agency will perform initial optimization tasks such as;

  • Redesigning the website – as was stated, a good website will have a big impact on ranking. You want to be found and have people engaged by your website.
  • Code – ensuring that the code of the website and links are SEO friendly is important and is one of the first steps taken by an SEO agency
  • Links – just like they looked at the link profile of your site, they also need to remove those that are bad. Bad links are going to hurt your rank.

Link building

This is the first step in one of the key components of SEO. Building strong, high-quality backlinks to your site is not only going to help it rank well but also make it more credible. Reaching out to other relevant website is also going to help build your brands reach and also attract greater traffic through not just search but direct links as well.

Content creation

Content creation comes in a number of different forms as there is a lot of information that can go on your website, blog or social media. The creation of content overlaps with backlinking as much of the linking is done through the creation of content. There are a few different elements in content creation;

  • Content marketing – this is a broad term and generally covers all the content you create that goes online but is more specifically related to videos, articles, and information that is designed to attract attention and inform consumers.
  • Blogging – Blogging is important as it highlights your firm’s industry knowledge and can also be extremely beneficial for consumers. Informing your customers of not only your products but also the work that you do as a business is great for building relationships.

An SEO agency will complete all of these tasks in an ongoing manner as there are always updates and adjustments to be made. A report is usually completed and sent out monthly to clients but I’m sure you could ask for a more regular report if you want to contact the local SEO company from Sydney more regularly.

The Secret to Getting More Real Likes on Instagram - Tips and Suggestions!

The Secret to Getting More Real Likes on Instagram – Tips and Suggestions!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you must know the importance of social media in today’s world. Social media has played its role in redefining the concept of connectivity among people over the globe, and it continues to do so with its increasing influence worldwide.  Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are unique in the ways they help people connect and also essential in modern times. For any business, owner marketing is the backbone of their growth. And everyone knows there is no cheaper, easier and better way to do so than seeking the help of social media.  Instagram is such a platform which you can utilize in promoting your business. Continue reading “The Secret to Getting More Real Likes on Instagram – Tips and Suggestions!”

Instagram Marketing

Flourish Your E-commerce Business through Instagram Marketing

From the very beginning, Instagram has been the ideal social media platform for e-commerce marketers. The image-oriented nature of Instagram makes it a lucrative place to promote your brand and its products. More and more e-commerce marketers are utilizing Instagram for creating brand awareness and boost their sales.

However, the basic rules of marketing on Instagram are quite different compared to other social media platforms. It is a place for building a large audience base and leveraging the pure power of visual content. Check how Instagram aid you in growing your e-commerce business and maximizing your revenue:

High User Engagement

Getting involved with your real Instagram followers is a great way to develop a loyal user community around your online business. This is very true for Instagram, where user engagement is comparatively higher than its other social media counterparts. The ultimate goal of every social media marketer is not only to deliver brand messages, but to have a better interaction with their target audience. For a better involvement with your follower base on Instagram, you will need to publish high-quality content. Your followers must find your posts valuable and entertaining which means they are likely to share it with their friends and family, bringing more prospects to your brand.

Making the Most of Hashtags

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram limits the usage of links. You cannot hyperlink URLs in comments and descriptions like on Twitter and Facebook. But, you can avail only one website link in your profile bio. Instagram offers the dynamic utilization of hashtags. In order to make your Instagram marketing more effective, you must put weight on hashtags to connect your audience on Instagram to the brand’s overall marketing campaign. As soon as you gain followers through great content, tap into famous hashtags related to your brand for connecting them with your business. If you are able to generate more photo posts by your followers using your brand’s hashtags, you can get them to buy your brand offerings.

Use Instagram Stories during Events

Ever since their announcement, Instagram stories have allowed brands a great opportunity to post images or videos without having to think about the quality of the content. You can showcase the behind the scenes element of your brand, products, and other achievements. Audience highly appreciates and relates to Instagram stories. It helps you in creating a level of intimacy with your followers that is not possible with other marketing strategies.

Run Frequent Contests

A contest is a type of active engagement where you can drive your followers to act on the platform and they get an award after they perform on your command. The audience on social media loves contests, because they can participate and get something out of it. While running contests, make sure that you have a large target audience, who can easily find about your contest and then declare a prize attractive enough to keep them intact.


With over eight hundred million users, Instagram is currently the most sought-after social media platform for e-commerce marketers. If you want to flourish your online business through Instagram, stick to the above-stated tips and build your campaign effectively.

Author Bio – Andy Schauffer is a blogger and a frequent Instagram user. He has generated real Instagram followers with some appealing visual content. He explains to his readers how they can harness the power of Instagram to fulfill their needs.