Know How Backlinks can Increase Your Website Traffic

Personal or professional websites are like our own children these days. We develop them and nurture them with real care. But all these things get wasted if we don’t make a perfect policy to attract a crowd. The backlinks play a big role in this case.

What are Backlinks?

The question must have arisen on your head at the start of reading this article. But I’ll not upset you in getting the full information on it. We all have seen different types of promotions on various occasions. In the movie promotions, the production house launches a teaser at first and then the trailers, musical videos are revealed.

Yes, these are the out of touch things. Now, I’m giving you an example which can be much relatable. We all have arranged some sort of cultural or sports programs for our clubs, schools or organizations. Here, we’ve stuck many posters on the walls and handed over leaflets to the local people. The internet world also deals with some kind of publicity. Here, developing a website is not enough. If you don’t get a large traffic involved in your domain, all your hard-works becomes useless. You can get the trafficking details by analyzing your site on the websites like Alexa.

Now, the importance of backlinks comes to play. For your website publicity, you can write some relevant articles and post it in the domain of some other popular site. You need to mention a link, here in the published article which redirects the user to some page of your website. When the huge crowd of the popular site will read your article and click on the given backlink, your website will get a fair amount of traffic.

Factors of Backlinking


It’s not the whole thing that you can get the traffics by posting the backlinks only. Your website quality is a big factor in the publicity. If the interested people click on the links given in the published article and visit your unattractive website, your impression can get affected. Hence you’ll not get the desired traffic anymore on your site.


The most important thing that you must remember about posting the backlinks on the popular websites is relevance. In case the articles posted on the crowded sites are not relevant to the subject of your website, the SEO will not be boosted. In other words, you can’t post the backlinks of your car website on a popular mobile website.

Speed of Acquisition

Posting thousands of backlinks is not a smart idea if you run a legal website. Whenever such things happen, you can be assured that Google will suspect you because you’ll not get thousands of backlinks without buying them. Hence, the elite search engine will accuse you of attempting to trick them and charge you some penalties.

Variety of Websites

You may have many types of websites. This is an advantage in term of posting backlinks on the popular website domains. People can have forums, blog websites, e-commerce websites etc. Hence, they should post the relevant articles with the links on respective crowded sites. You must remember the subjects while posting.

These are the factors as well as the regulations for getting high traffic on your website. You need to follow these rules to make your site domain a popular one. You can check the trafficking on your site through the websites discussed on Layerpoint.

SEO packages

Tips to choose SEO packages for Small Business

Awareness in increasing trends of technology is giving a nation a fast moving techno culture. It gives you information about whole world just in sitting in a room, as there is a rise in size of the IT world.  There are numerous ways to spread information with the help of making website. Earlier, website is made by some famous owner but now with gradual increase of knowledge of technology there website of colleges, shopping product, hotel, startups and many other things.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has crucial role in today’s time than before. Now it has become the need for the each and every webmaster to know the meaning and its importance in building up a new business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is compressed and short set of rules and regulation that must be followed or according to them; a website owner processed and thus makes the website easier and more suitable for the search engine leading to the rising up in the search engine ranking. One of the leading concepts is Search engine optimization (SEO). Search engine optimization helps to uplift the quality of the website as it helps in making it user friendly and also makes it faster. One of the unique features of SEO is that it gives the result of search supported with the navigation.

For small business SEO it is necessary to keep in the budget, kind of package you want, it should be info graphic, trustful, dependable and many other factors that should be kept in mind while opting for a successful SEO for small business. Therefore, what tips and why they should not be ignored while choosing SEO Packages for Small Business are listed below-

  • Charging, Fess policy – It is important to know the price or amount they going to charge for your business. Generally the SEO charges you like fixed or some ransomed price but a reputed, trustful and genuine SEO will charge you as per the keywords number of your business.
  • Creativity – It’s the that part in search engine that attracts the user to the website according to the videos, apps or images they represent that create the trust and attracts the user. This allow the small business to expands and demonstrate about their field.
  • Trustworthy- The SEO you are using for your small business should be trustful and reputed. Its better that you get a referrals’ and you trust those referrals’ are great signal of surety.
  • Experience- For the optimization of the website of the business an old and having greater experience or that SEO that have been in this field from a long time choose these kind of SEO as they offer greater performance and expanding of your small business in less time .
  • Quality-Instead for going for the quantity you should choose the quality always. As this will increase the priority of your small business and lead to its growth for the superior quality.

Above points and tips should be taken into consideration before choosing SEO for small business.

Anju Chopra is Content Manager at searchclap. She loves to write blogs for fashion, travel and SEO, Adwords, Google Maps Marketing techniques and other Digital marketing trends.

How to Add A Shortcode in WordPress Website?

Many plugin allows us to add some special content and additional functionality to your post or page. User likes to see a simple list of popular posts not a complex forms. At some stage user want to apply widget or any content which they saw in other site( it can be page, post and sidebar widget ) in WordPress template file.

But luckily WordPress is having the extra plugins for these type of requirement of users called a shortcode for doing these extra things easily. This blog will give you the procedure of installing, building and uses a shortcode at the time of installation of WordPress.

What is WordPress Shortcode

First Shortcode was released in WordPress 2.5. Now shortcode is used by the lot’s of WordPress plugins for getting easy to user for applying these content to there pages and post. The Shortcode API allow us to create our own shortcodes by adding the features to your theme functions.php template.

In depth, we can say shortcode is a special tag that we can apply in our post. And our post will exchanged by different content from previous content on our website. As we know that, we already have the built in shortcode in our WordPress gallery on our page. A Shortcode will looks same as an HTML tag, but it is surrounded with square brackets. When this page will actually loaded on browser, it seems different because the code is exchanged by other code. A very best thing about WordPress is that we can create our own Shortcode like audio, caption, embed, gallery and video.That makes it much more pretty.

How do I create WordPress Shortcode

When we open our page of blog with shortcode, WordPress will exchange the entire actual code with extra theme. Even, WordPress makes it easy to create our own shortcodes. So, the first thing to create a function that gives actual outputs of Adsense code. Entire code will send to the functions.php in your theme( may be it is plugin file). And the function is:


function get_adsense($atts) {

return ‘<script type=”text/javascript”><!–

google_ad_client = “pub-546321545321589”;

/* 468×60, created 9/13/10 */

google_ad_slot = “54321565498”;

google_ad_width = 468;

google_ad_height = 60;



<script type=”text/javascript”






It will returns my Google Adsense code as a string. Now there is also we have function doing whatever we want. Here WordPress will comes in. Now it’s time to set up the adsense Shortcode.

add_shortcode(‘adsense’, ‘get_adsense’)

Here, the first parameter is the name of shortcode, and when new shortcode is come into then the second parameter will be appointed. Result of ’Get_adsense’ method exchange [adsense].

Things to remember about Shortcode

When not to use Shortcodes: Every time uses of shortcode is not good for our site. If you will use lot’s shortcode in every post then you are going to grab by it. There are maximum themes having up to 200+ shortcode. So, if you will use the shortcode in every post, then always you had to use that themes which not possible. If you want to create these shortcode themes at the action of click button, then you should have the knowledge about that how we will add CSS buttons in WordPress.

Future Proof Your Shortcodes: If you want to excessively use your theme then it is not good for you. Because your every shortcode not have the same code so, here changing in every theme is very difficult task. Although, it is good to add specific plugin. Normally, copy and paste the shortcode in your functions.php file of theme and then paste it into your plugin.

How to search for Shortcode in your WordPress Theme:

Above we discussed about future proof your shortcode, for that you should know that what is the shortcode function, and how it looks like and how it can be find. First of all, open that folder which is having your theme that is found in /wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/. You can look inside of that folder for the function.php file or if the theme has an includes folder, then inside there.

Open and search the term add_shortcode into the files. We are giving you an example how a shortcode piece looks like:

function my_shortcode_function() {

$i = ‘<p>Hello World!</p>’;

return $i;


add_shortcode(‘my-shortcode’, ‘my_shortcode_function’);



These lines of codes creates a shortcode ‘my-shortcode’, it will return those text whatever we want to replace into a WordPress page like ‘my-shortcode’.

Using Shortcodes in Widgets: 

There is no restriction or limitation to apply lot’s of shortcodes on our posts and pages. For that you will use it under the WordPress text widgets. Normally put that text widget to sidebar and then add shortcode into it. Note that, this is not activated before you done this. If you are not able to see your shortcode in a widget then you require to add this code in your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin.

add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’);

Add Shortcode in Theme Files: Here you require to find the output of shortcode into your theme inside area which is not belong to widget. Then use your shortcodes there. For including those shortcode, write the following code

<?php echo do_shortcode(“[example_shortcode]”); ?>

Hiding a Broken Shortcode: Usually users don’t think that their shortcodes will always not work. Sometimes, after few months if user will go to their earliest shortcode for searching any text. So finally, you have two way to solve it. Either manually you can delete the shortcode from every post, or disable the shortcode. Add this code to your theme’s functions.php file.

add_shortcode( ‘shortcodetag’, ‘__return_false’ );

We hope that this article helped you to add a shortcode in WordPress Website. In addition to this keep an eye on this blog and our our WordPress

How to easily Show Recent Posts as a Drop Down in WordPress Website

Do you want to show recent posts as a drop Down in WordPress Website. So users don’t worry as in this article we are going to describe the best way for showing recent posts as a Drop Down in WordPress Website.

Why and Who Requires Recent Posts in Drop Down?

WordPress usually comes with a built-in recent posts widget that you can add to any sidebar. This widget generally shows a list of recent posts, and you can select the number of posts you want to show. But if you want to display more than 5-10 posts, then the list will take a lot of space in your sidebar.

Most of the users of WordPress need a compact way to show recent posts. In that case, using drop downs lists can help you in saving space.

Let’s see the different ways to show recent posts as a drop down menu in WordPress.

Displaying Recent Posts in a Plain Drop Down Menu

For displaying WordPress Recent Posts just copy and paste the below given code in your theme’s functions.php file.

function wpb_recentposts_dropdown() {

$string .= ‘<select id=”rpdropdown”>

<option  value=”” selected>Select a Post<option>’;

$args = array( ‘numberposts’ => ‘5’, ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’ );

$recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts($args);

foreach( $recent_posts as $recent ){

$string .= ‘<option value=”‘ . get_permalink($recent[“ID”]) . ‘”>’ .   $recent[“post_title”].'</option> ‘;


$string .= ‘</select>

<script type=”text/javascript”> var urlmenu = document.getElementById( “rpdropdown” ); urlmenu.onchange = function() { this.options[ this.selectedIndex ].value, “_self” );



return $string;


add_shortcode(‘rp_dropdown’, ‘wpb_recentposts_dropdown’);



You can use the [rp_dropdown] shortcode in WordPress pages, post and text widgets.

Adding Collapsible Recent Posts Using Plugin

The above method lists your recent posts in a drop down form. The another way to save space is by adding a collapsible list of recent posts which expands when users click on it.

  • First of all install and activate the Collapse-O-Matic plugin. Take a look at how to install a Plugin in WordPress. Generally it works out of the box and there are no settings for you to configure.
  • The plugin lets you to display anything in a collapsible menu via a shortcode.

Before using the plugin, we need a way to easily show recent posts anywhere we want.

  • Simply add this code to your theme’s functions.php file or a site-specific plugin.
function wpb_recentposts() {


$string .= ‘<ul>’;

$args = array( ‘numberposts’ => ‘5’, ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’ );

$recent_posts = wp_get_recent_posts($args);

foreach( $recent_posts as $recent ){

$string .= ‘<li><a href=”‘ . get_permalink($recent[“ID”]) . ‘”>’ .   $recent[“post_title”].'</a></li> ‘;


$string .= ‘</ul>’;

return $string;


add_shortcode(‘recentposts’, ‘wpb_recentposts’);




This code simply lets you to show a list of recent posts using the shortcode [recentposts].

  • Now we will add our shortcode in the Collapse-O-Matic shortcode for creating a collapsible list of recent posts.
  • Just Add the shortcode for example: [expand title=”Recent Posts”][recentposts][/expand]
  • You can also add this to text widget, pages and posts on your WordPress Website.

That’s all in our behalf we hope that this article helped you completely in displaying Recent Posts as a Drop Down in WordPress Website.

website budget

Ten Steps For 2018 Web Design Budget

If you have business, providing services of any type for eg. if you have website design company, providing services like static, dynamic, custom, e-commerce & Word press etc. so design a website and to publish your service as user can get information about the services that you provided. A website is a site that provide the information about your business. User can easily access the information according to need. If your website is able to satisfy the user requirement.

Website layout:- Designing play a very good role in build website. First of all it should be look-wise good, and able to attract the visitors. So layout of the website is very important part.

Choosing a web hosting company:- choosing good web hosting company is very important. The server should provide 100% guarantee. If you are trying to think about the budget of the website for this you will able to compare prices  to find the most affordable deal.  There are several popular web-hosting companies whose prices are very higher than smaller companies that offer just as good of quality services.  The way if you able take decision web hosting is if the company has good decision, so shop around  and do  research first.

User Friendly designed:-

1.Your website  should be well organized.

  1. Easy to navigate

3.Navigation should be simple.

Load up on free Plugins:- 32,461 word press plugins that you can add to your website that are completely free of charge.

Load up on free Plugins:- 32,461 word press plugins that you can add to your website that are completely free of charge.

SEO Smart Links:-The Search Engine Optimization smart links  plugin lets you automatically detect and link common phrases in your posts and comments to relevant articles on your website.

Contact form 7:-   It is a very easy form that does allow any additional setting, though there are many options are available.

Broken Link Checker:-   Broken links is not good. They frustrating your visitors, and also not good for SEO point of view too.

Social Share by Add This:- Social sharing is good as a Search Engine Optimization point of view and even on a budget, there are so many free social sharing plugins available, such as Add This. We should used in own blog for some time.

Google XML Site maps:- XML site are a great way to help your fresh website indexing.

Word Press Database Backup:- Every website needs to keep regular backups. If you are on a budget,  word press DB Backup is a great free plugin that can help you keep regular database backups of your word press site in case of emergency. Create an Interesting, Useful and Active Blog:- If you want to write a blog and publish on a website the blog should be in depth and have potential to solve the visitor problem. Call to action that means how they should contact you. This is a very important  way to bring success to your website without going over your budget.  Collect testimonials is to on your website that is beneficial and free of charge .

There are numerous way to build website for your business with  budget. If your funds are limited, you should think about priorities and use all the free resources which are available. Word press is an open source platform as is all the bundled additions and plugins.