Avail whatever is best and smart for Your Company

It is always great to have the best set of skills and arrangements in your business. When you are competing in this present era, it gets important that you are the best in whatever you are doing. You cannot come up with any lame excuses.

Since digitalization is on rise and the concept of eLearning is vastly spreading; you need to make the most of these resources. For your business, you can avail excellent options like online instructor led training. Such training can bring fruitfulness in your endeavours and your business can expand massively. Actually you know what, in a learning process;there is nothing that can truly replace interactive experience with an instructor. Instructor-led training (ILT), no matter delivered in a classroom or virtually, will enable your business to cater personalized and practical learning directly to the students.

Once you go for such LED training, you attain personalized learning. Of course, the experienced instructors in a tiny group can modify the approaches and answer particular questions on a 1:1 basis with all the learners. Such a talk and session will ensure that there remain no doubts or complications.

Similarly, you can relish the ease of immediate feedback. Exactly, in case a specific module is perplexing, too sluggish or too swift, the instructor therein can adjust the teaching plan right away so as to house the real-time feedback. This is indeed a boon for both the learners and the instructors.

The cost is also low and one can easily afford it.  Since the ILT costs are hugely based on instructors and the facilities catered, it is absolutely easy to control the price without investing in technology or content. This really helps companies to gain more and spend less for their training.

It is needless to say that the instructor -led training is a wonderful option for the companies that:

  • Possess mechanical products that need practical interaction
  • Possess the students or attendees who have time, budget and requirement for full-day or multi-day training
  • Possess highly perplexing products
  • Possess clearly established userconferences or industry where training can be delivered.
  • Possess the students who are not really tech-savvy
  • Give importance to face-to-face interaction and networking openings

 You must not hesitate to introduce this training in your business. This training can help your business grow and you will end up with better settings and proper understandings. Since you can go for e-learning options too, there is no need to crib about anything.

Similarly, you must know that it is a pretty challenging task to provide training to your employees to enhance service quality and uphold quality standards. Here e-learning is there to rescue. For example, it is a difficult task to train the staffs of hospitality because of fast development of the sector.Here if you avail the option of e learning hospitality management, you can experience a win-win time.


So, it is needless to say that your business and company has all the options in the world to grow and reach great heights. Only you have to bring a change in your working ways and learning manners.

Using Dynamics CRM to Run Social Media Campaigns

Using Dynamics CRM to Run Social Media Campaigns

Marketing in the age of social media is no longer what it used to be. With the prevalence of social media, patterns of purchasing, communication and preferences have changed dramatically. Even when sales take place in brick and mortar stores, the influence of social media is all pervasive.

Research shows that 57% of the buyers have made up their minds through different social media influencers even before they talk to a sales rep. Some show this figure to be as high as 70%. So, if still you do not already have a social media strategy, you are under a severe disadvantage. Even if you do enjoy some semblance of social presence, chances are that you are not exploiting it to its full potential.

However, it must be kept in mind that social media strategy cannot replace the traditional methods, which still show excellent results. Rather, it should be seen as an additional support, one that runs parallel to traditional means like emails and cold calls.

Need for specialized solution

One of the challenges of building and engaging in a social media strategy is the sheer volume involved. Starting a social media strategy without it means shooting in the dark and hoping that we hit the mark(s). Not just that, we must also devise just the right amount of communication required. Too much and you can irritate an already over-exposed consumer. Too little and you may not even meet your minimum objective of some low brand retention.

This is why businesses are now realizing the need for a specialized software that can collate all the data, analyze and draw inferences. Not just that, we also need software that can help us profile consumers so as to devise a more effective communication strategy.

Building a profile: Social media is noisy. There are too many accounts and people seem to post about everything, largely irrelevant for your purposes. One needs a structure to cut the noise from the data. CRM provides a platform where real-world data can be fed to create a more detailed profile.

CRM can also effectively cull data from multiple sources. We are now looking at media beyond popular platforms and focusing on business forums and blogs. These are specially designed to be industry-specific. CRM helps us by structuring all the data.

Devising the right communication strategy: Buyers today are exposed to too many products through every channel. An effective strategy will be engage them in manner that seems personal without being too pushy. Dynamics CRM helps us in depicting the buyers, building a profile of preferences and tastes. We can use it to create a more personal sales approach, adding sales pitch with information.

Search patterns: It all starts with a search. To position yourself on the social media you must get to know what people are searching for, specifically when it is related to your product. We need phrases and specific keywords. MS CRM gives you an insight into contacts, accounts and leads. All your sales force needs is a license.

Know your competition: The social media can reveal an amazing amount of information about the buying patterns in the industry and this includes getting to know your competition as well. CRM helps us in monitoring buyers and their behavior patterns. It can reveal their communication strategy and what they are doing right. Similarly, it can also reveal where the competition is falling short. This is our opportunity to strike, of seizing the opportunity.

Liaising with the support staff: There is no doubt that the social media is a goldmine of information. But it would be a grave mistake to connect it only with marketing. Many other departments, such as product development and communications can also benefit immensely from this data. CRM offer a real-time access to data and its analysis. Dynamics CRM is a platform where all employees can log in data and then access it when and where required. Hence, it facilitates a smooth transfer of data across board and true assimilation of information.


Today social media is a powerful marketing tool. By giving us direct access to the market, it is the perfect tool for contact, marketing, and information. Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants offers us the means to assimilate, structure, analyze and access the data in manner that befits us.


video conferencing platform

Choosing a Video Conferencing Platform That Works

Video conferencing has turned out to be a vital tool for businesses of all sizes all around the world. it brings together remote employees and partners in ways that conventional email service and phone calls can’t. In the business world, this can be the difference between a signed contract and a missed opportunity.

Opting for the right video conferencing platform for your business plays a vital role in enhancing communications, and building business brands. However, there are certain factors to consider before choosing one. But first, ask yourself how many participants would you be hosting on these conferences regularly? Are you looking to integrate other applications to make disseminating information to other users easier and faster? These are the things you need to consider before choosing one. Buying a complete service could turn out to be useless in the end. Likewise, choosing free service might lack some important features you probably need.

To help you make informed decision on the right video conferencing platform to choose, here are some useful tips to follow

Number of participants: The first thing to consider is how many participants will likely join in on these conferences on a regular basis? While some allow a few numbers of participants to connect for free, others charge a considerable amount to allow unlimited users to connect. Knowing what you need and the number of participants that will likely join in on the presentation can help determine the right video conferencing package to choose. Not only that, it saves a lot of time and money.

Mobile experience: One of the essences of video conferencing is to be able to connect to people regardless of location. And this means being able to communicate with them via a mobile device. Thus, it is expedient to try connecting a video conference service on your mobile devices. This will indicate whether or not the video conferencing platform is mobile friendly. Furthermore, it helps ascertain whether participants connecting via mobile devices will enjoy the same quality experience as those connecting through their personal computers.

User friendliness: Regardless of the number of participants joining the conference, if they find it difficult to use the selected video conferencing software, then the goal of the meeting is in jeopardy. Choose a video conferencing platform that is not only user-friendly but also intuitive. Otherwise, you might start presentations only to find out no one is watching or probably only a few out of the many participants could connect. Build your brand and business by choosing a user-friendly video conferencing platform.

Just as you know, there are lots of video conferencing platform out there. So it pays to do a bit of research so as not to buy services or products that restrict you. It is important to know what you need when shopping for a video conferencing platform. Different companies have different needs. Prior to making a purchase, try out free trials and check to see if the system is compatible with other services. Many video conferencing platform offer free trial service that spans anywhere from days to weeks to months. Make sure you do a test run!


How to enhance customer service through different channels

As the demand for a high-quality service is increasing, it is important for the companies to design their customer service methods. Nowadays people have access to different mediums by which they want to reach out to a service provider company like social media, email, SMS, IVR, mobile or voice. There are so many channels available for the customers to receive service from a company or an organization. It is not limited to only private service provider company but even government organizations have now made different channels available by which customers can share their experiences, post grievances or provide their feedback for improvement. This multi-channel service can be easily taken to the next level by choosing omni channel customer solutions that helps in integration of different channels for a company in order to provide a quality customer experience and service.

One of the key things to understand is that when customer experiences any problem then he/she doesn’t care about reaching out to a company through specific channel only but instead they think of finding answer of their questions or problem by choosing any medium. They can reach out to the company by using IVR customer care service, directly calling the representative, write an email or post their query or grievance on social media websites like Twitter or Facebook. Customers have adopted different lines or channels by which they demand support and it is important for the companies to adopt an integrated approach that can help them service their customers and resolve their problems at the earliest. Pending customer queries only creates a negative company image and degrades its market demand as the customers start opting for alternatives if their queries remain unresolved or unanswered. Multi-channel customer care service approach can help serve customers from more than one channel. Choosing Omni channel retail system is one of the ways to provide best experience to customers. There are self-service approach available by which support problem can be resolved seamlessly without transition to another channel. A query posted on a social media website can be further transferred on call or text message.

According to recent surveys, it’s been found that almost every person in the world has access to smartphones and therefore it is service provider’s responsibility to carry out the customer care dialogs through messaging, voice or text. SMS and social media service channels are becoming prominent and choosing a multi-channel integrated approach can help in quick resolution of customer problems. With all the possible channels available for conversation, sometimes it is also possible to divert a query posted on social media towards voice as well. Urgent issues can be resolved timely by ensuring all the customer queries are handled timely and responded. Customers always demand for a service that can give them reliable and faster response. Quality of service is significant these days and therefore companies must realize that it is important to choose a adopt the best possible method by which they can service their customers and provide resolution of their issues at the earliest.

Effectively Track the Schedule of your Employee

If you run a business and you are still using the old system of tracking the attendance and the work routines of your worker, then I must tell you that you really need to improve on your tracking method. This is because a lot of businesses have adapted to the new and advanced way of keeping track on their employees and as well as processing their pay slips. This advanced way that you must also adapt is simply a free online time clock which is very reliable and effective when it comes to keeping track on all the routines of your employees as easy as possible. This software is designed in a manner that does not require any special skill or a technical knowledge before you can operate. It is made very simple and easy for you to operate and get your business going as easy as possible. You have to take note that there are a lot of these kinds of systems on the market so if you really want the best software that will easily solve your problems for you, you have to then get it from   

Repayments of Employees’ Funds

Most firms offer repayments to their employees for using their own cash or resources to deal with organization related issues like purchasing gas, paying toll charges, and significantly any costs that you can consider. In light of this information, Time Clock Genie incorporated a feature in the software that makes it possible for the worker to transfer all the invoices, receipts and any other important documents that will tally with the amount of money that was spent by the worker. At the point when the worker saves the data that he/she has entered unto the system and it is then endorsed by the director, at that point that sum of money will be repaid when the pay slip of that worker is being prepared. With regards to this free online time clock programming or software, both the boss and the worker are not deceived with regards to money related issues.

Demand Time Off

In the case where you need to ask for a period of time off from work as a worker, you don’t have to go through the stress of composing a request letter or experiencing a great deal of challenges just to have some few hours off. All that you need to do is to go to the online time clock programming and afterward ask for the number of hours that you need to be off from work. After you have sent in the request, your boss may then decide to either affirm or deny it. When it is affirmed, the system will naturally deduct the sum of cash relating to the number of hours that you will remain off work. Then again, when it is denied, the director at that point sends you a message that it was denied. This system has truly made it simple for bosses and the employees to work viably where no one is cheated in one way or the other.