Automation testing could be a technique uses an application to implement entire life cycle of the software system in less time and provides potency and effectiveness to the testing software system.


When a software system has new unharness it have bug fix, but however can you guarantee or make sure that there’s no a lot of bugs owing to the fixes. So it’s necessary to check with recent practicality.

What to Automate? 

Repetitive / Important – check cases those are repetitive unchanging. Check if the action goes to be tested all the time / most of the time? – This additionally offers a sign of the importance of the action. Don’t change a check if you’re solely getting to run it once and dump it. Whereas you choose to change a check, take a step back and suppose however usually you’re possible to execute this test? Is it very definitely worth the effort to change the test?

  • Stability – Check if the practicalityto be machine-controlled is stable. If the module of the applying isn’t stable enough, the trouble in automation is wasted to AN
  • Simplicity & Relevancy – In severalcases your ROI are going to be higher by implementing tons easy of straight forward of easy tests instead of few sophisticated tests therefore begin by doing a gaggle of connected simple tests and their connected Opt for a gaggle that has a lot of in common with others. It additionally includes situations that take tons of effort and time once performing arts manual testing however ar fast to change and execute.
  • Regression tests – usuallythese are the perfect candidates for automation and out there once the practicality has ‘matured’ a secure level of confidence within the For such candidates, automation is less complicated to develop & tests are a lot of reliable (false failures are less probable).
  • Deterministic – situations that may yield pass/fail while not false results, or – situations that have normal results wherever you recognize that X input might solely lead to Y output. opt for the check cases with extremely sure conditions and results give an honest live of confidence in stability and quality
  • Data driven scenarios
  • wherever same perform must be valid with millions of totally different completely different completely different} knowledge appreciate victimisation different user accounts or victimisation different privileges and roles (e.g. login)
  • Complexity – Tests that tend to cause human error, for e.g. a TC that has advancedsteps or calculations.
    High Risk – oftentimes used practicality that introduces high risk conditions.
  • Manual Execution Not Possible – situationsthat are not possible to perform appreciate load testing situations
    Heterogeneous Configuration – Tests that run on many totally different hardware or software system platforms and configurations.
  • Risk based mostly Approach – Use risk based approach. To forman automatic script, it needs time and energy, and if aim for “Automating each Test”, we are going to need heap of resource and time, that in several cases isn’t doable. Instead use a Risk primarily based approach to see that tests ought to be machine-controlled. To urge the foremost price out of automation, solely change the foremost necessary business cases and situations.

What to not Automate?

Test cases that has to be valid subjectively by humans appreciate Usability.

Complex practicality wherever check automation is also a significant challenge in terms of your time

Don’t change check cases whose actions are distributed across multiple (third party) systems wherever validation is troublesome to attain whereas manual execution is quicker and reliable to perform.

Check if state of affairs needs human to observe and observe once the check is being run? Is human intervention necessary or optional? If it needs human intervention then it’s not a perfect candidate.

It is higher to not change verification of presence/state/location/etc. of controls and static text.

Look & Feel situations – It’s terribly long and unreliable to do and “digitize” look-and-feel for verification. Scripts might check existing controls and text however what if one thing new seems looking on knowledge condition? You can’t code for one thing you don’t realize nevertheless.

Another note in grips in mind is that not all tests will be machine-controlled. Some tests are terribly advanced in nature and need several downstream system checking and might be inconsistent. In these cases, it’s best to depart these checks for manual testing.

Why And When Do You Need A Project Planning Software?

Project planning is a crucial component for the success of the business. Having proper planning ensures that the project is completed within a certain budget, specific time period, and given resources. But, to implement all these things, we need a powerful resource. And, project planning software can help in the effective implementation of the plan. Yes, with the help of this software you can not only manage the tasks but also promote better communication within the organization. It will help you save money and complete the tasks well on time.

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Is Colocation Right For Your Business

Is Colocation Right For Your Business?

With each passing day, our reliance on technology grows, and more and more data is used every day.  And, with colocation, the companies can store some or all their data and hardware at an off-site location. It provides the security feature of a commercial data center without having to incur staffing and infrastructure expenses.

Now, the obvious question would be why shift everything to a data center when you have the cloud. Well, there are firms that keep a part of their IT infrastructure in the cloud and hardware collated in a data center. Therefore, the decision of picking the platform is based on the type of firm.

Advantages of colocation

  • Reduced it infrastructure and management cost
  • Network reliability and uptime
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Scalability, security and stability
  • Increased power capacity and bandwidth
  • 24/7 support

Why should you consider colocation?

Businesses that are geographically dispersed and need regular updates often choose colocation to outsource the additional support and management costs for 24/7 access.

In a small or midsize business setting, colocation can serve as a safe, secure, and an affordable option. You can also opt for support services to maintain system health and regular backups. And for a larger business, colocation can be useful if you are looking to expand. In a nutshell, colocation provides options for addressing the need for constant support while having control of the infrastructure.

But, before you consider a colocation, few factors should be taken into account.

  • Clearly define your company’s goals and what you hope to achieve
  • Measure the exact bandwidth requirements
  • Anticipate your data growth in the future
  • The geographic location of the data center plays an important role
  • Make sure that the provider’s contract terms are in line with what you want 

When would colocation be a good option for you?

  • When you’re considering a change or enhancement to disaster recovery or business continuity strategy and you require an accessible off-site location
  • When you’re launching a new application that must be accessible 24/7/365
  • When you’re working with sensitive data and an accredited provider is required to comply with industry, state or federal regulations

Colocation is an incredible innovation and has revolutionised the enterprise IT. It allows your business to receive the server power it needs, without forcing you to buy the space that is not required. Flexibility, scalability, security and affordability are a few features that make colocation an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

But the advantages are only beneficial if the colocation provider lives up to your company’s expectations. This is where Ricoh India comes in. We understand that colocation is a long-term investment and, therefore, we offer customised solutions with a local colocation option, state of the art security, and a well-designed infrastructure to fulfil all your needs. Whatever your needs, we’re confident of being able to do justice to them.


New Upgrade and information about Norton Antivirus Security

New Upgrade and information about Norton Antivirus Security

Norton antivirus is the one of best in the worldwide. It supports all operating system likes Windows, Linux, Mac. Installing anti-virus software, you can prevent your computer from getting viruses and other malware easily and if you go online with more protect your system data and information. Norton provides more discounts for a new user as well as for renewal using Norton AntiVirus Coupons and you can get maximum discounts also new updates available free for all Norton users.

If you have anti-virus software installed is to use the Security Center feature on your Microsoft operating system. When you select this option, you’ll be presented with a status for mainly:

Antivirus software

Firewall protection

You can check to do this by following these simple steps:

  • Users using the classic start menu: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Security Center.
  • Users using start menu: Start > Control Panel > Security Center.
  • To determine whether your Windows operating system is up-to-date:
  • Go to Start > All Programs > Windows Update. This will direct you to a Microsoft website where you’ll be able to select Custom Install or Express Install.

Norton antivirus Products

Norton Security Premium

Norton Security Deluxe

Norton Security Standard

Norton Anti-Virus Basic

Norton Core Secure Wi-Fi Router

Norton Family Premier

Norton Mobile Security

Norton App Lock

Norton Clean

Norton Online Backup

Norton Utilities

Norton Computer Tune Up

Norton Ultimate Help Desk

Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Norton Small Business

Life Lock Identity Theft Protection

Norton VS Other Antivirus

In comparison to other likes Kaspersky, McAfee, and Avira. Norton is best working in compare to other and also provide in low cost for all user. More use believes at Norton and also love with them.

Norton Services

Norton Safe Web

Free Virus Scan

Parental Controls Software

Password Generator

Password Manager

Norton Safe Search

Norton provides above mention services for all you easily connect with them and get service. Insecurity point of view, it is more security provides to your data and information. When going online your device can hacker easily your personal details. Internet security gives by Norton for safe your personal information.

All operating system windows, Mac, PC, and Linux are susceptible to viruses, spyware, and malware. The harmful data it is important to protect your computer from potential viruses by having an antivirus program installed.

Here wide range of free antivirus products available. The minimum in paid antivirus products often has annual renewal fees.

Windows Defender

In this case for use the operating system built-in to Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 only. Other antivirus software, trial or paid versions must be removed in order for Windows Defender to monitor your system.


Sophos Home: Its malware searchable to identify suspicious files. It can scape Windows malware as well help stop the spread of malware for this platform.


Clam-AV:  Here all software listed above is licensed and supported separately by third-party developers. The owner of the computer is responsible for determining which software best suits their security needs to protect the personal data and information when connecting with internet also.

Supports Center

In this process support Center also has executive for; they are fluent in Spanish and English and another language. An executive is trained to help user apply for any issue virus protection and account related problems.

Easily connect with Norton supports through email, Call, Live chat and social media. Its provide 24/7 to solve your problems.

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Enterprise Applications

5 Most Important Business Benefit of Enterprise Applications

Businesses rely on technology for many activities – even the things most organizations take for granted such as sending emails and chatting over a cloud services. However, with every step of technological advancement has also come the newer enterprise applications with regards to maintaining customer relationship, communicating among teams and in obtaining business intelligence amongst other uses.

Here, are a few critical activities that software applications help a business with:

Uninterrupted Data Flow

Read any article, and one thing repeated is, “Data is the backbone of an organization”. All business are using a plethora of applications, and for businesses to enjoy maximum benefits it is necessary to coordinate the operations – especially if the business is using several software applications. Enterprise application integration (EAI) provides an avenue which helps in managing different systems thus enabling efficient data flow and uninterrupted exchange of information between the applications. EAI targets applications such as business intelligence and analytics, e-commerce optimization, customer relationship management, supply chain management, internal and marketing communication, human resource data, and enterprise resource planning. Businesses enjoy unfathomable benefits as a result of enterprise application integration.

Increases Efficiency

Integration increases interoperability between different applications. Since the information collected is accessed in one place, it eliminates the need for data processing responsibilities. It is easy to access up-to-date data anytime since all data is stored in one central place. The central data centers make it easy for departments and various people to collaborate on different levels. Integration leads to transparency of financial data since information is shared on the networks freely. Businesses can use the data collected through customer relationship management to create an email marketing campaign. To gauge the efficiency of the email marketing, you can come up with reports every now and then.

IT Infrastructure Flexibility

It is so easy to respond to the expectation of customers regarding software development when a business takes advantage of software integration. EAI allows executives to respond to reputation management issues, shifts in market, disruption of supply chain issues, and change in customer preferences. Any time the business requires new IT facilities, it can do so with ease as the integration allows for such developments. EAI helps business to overcome hurdles which could arise as a result of lack of technological knowhow in the business.

Overcome Technology Hurdles

One of the challenges that businesses face is when their employees are incapable of completing a task because it is technologically challenging. Another situation is where executives fail to utilize innovative technologies as a way of taking care of the IT structure. Integration helps businesses to overcome the hurdles by linking the functionality of various applications with information thus creating a user friendly interface.

Increase Productivity

Integration simplifies communication, reduces effort and time used in various tasks, improves control, and provides more efficient functionality. More and more businesses continue to accept EAI due to its ability to enhance proficiency and to improve employee productivity.

Some of the industries that benefit the most from enterprise integration include banks, logistics and transport companies, retail organizations, and network providers. Any company wanting to reap the full benefits of enterprise application services integration, should hire experts to implement coding protocols and secure solutions for effective and secure data management.


Technology brings efficiency in the business. The value of efficiency is demonstrated by the innumerable benefits that businesses enjoy. Integration leads to flexibility, increase in productivity and efficiency in business.