6 Expert Tips to Get You Good Online Reviews that Lead to Higher Sales

6 Expert Tips to Get You Good Online Reviews that Lead to Higher Sales

Growing up was all about getting those golden stars in a class test and beating others. Not so surprisingly, it’s still about those star ratings as you steer your business to progress. What’s interesting is that you can’t neglect these ratings and reviews even if you wish to.

Approximately 90% of the customers read online reviews before they take a step toward a business. What’s more important is that 84% of the folks trust these reviews like recommendations from their friends. As a result, the impact on your sales is significant.

The Spiegel Research Center further reveals that reviews can boost conversion rates by 270%. These rates can shoot to 380% if you display reviews for higher-priced products. Only as many as five reviews can increase the odds of your customer purchasing from you by almost four times.

Now that the impact of reviews on your sales is out of the way, the real elephant in the room is how you can get those reviews? Here’s are some expert tips to answer this vital question for you:

  1. Refrain from getting fake reviews

No matter how enticing the idea of fake reviews may be, don’t fall for it. It is straight off unethical, and it won’t get you anything in the long haul even if it may appear like it is working in the start.

Moreover, fake reviews breach rules of the review sites. So there is no point asking staff members or any family members or friends to post reviews. In short, don’t ask anyone who is not a genuine customer to leave a review on your product or service.

Also, don’t attempt to pay any third parties for posting positive reviews for your business. It is both a waste of time and money as review sites tend to filter out any testimonials that look suspicious.

  1. Ask for reviews

Getting reviews takes work. If you let your review page sit in solace, no positive remarks will come your way except for the angry ones. Generally, buyers don’t leave reviews now and then unless they are asked.

In contrast, angry customers are more likely to leave reviews than happy customers. What’s more, such angry customers tell between 9-15 people about their poor experience. Some may even go on to tell 20 others, hurting your business. Therefore, you can’t afford to sit idly.

After a customer purchases from you, request them to take out the time to give their feedback. If you are in the B2B zone, then your account managers or customer experience team can encourage customers to review your product after a catch-up call.

  1. Make it easy for customers to review you

Equally important to asking for reviews is making it easy for the customers to leave a review. The easier it is to review you, the better. In other words, your business site and social media accounts should not only be encouraging others to review you but also showing how to by linking to it.

So, for instance, if you run an online store, consider including the request to review at the end of a shipping notification email. You can also send out a separate review request email after a week or so of purchase.

If you have a physical store, you can add a reminder card to the package that asks for reviews. You can leave a comment such as ‘Please review us on Facebook’ or you can give the Google Places review box URL on the card. For those with a business app, an in-app pop-up is a good idea such as what the Mention app does.

  1. Automate your reputation management

Automating reputation management is the key to handling your online reviews and testimonials adequately. A Reputation Management Tool can help you top your game in this regard.

Tracking and responding reviews is critical for your business. This means keeping an eye open for both positive and negative reviews and responding to them as appropriate. Your response to the feedback shows customers that you value them.

Moreover, getting back to negative reviews and helping solve a customer’s concern can help cancel the effect of a negative review. Not to forget, more than half of your customers, particularly 53%, expect you to respond to negative reviews within a week.

Unfortunately, 63% of the individuals say that a company has never responded to their review. Therefore, an excellent tip is to win customers’ hearts by being more responsive.

  1. Offer customer’s an incentive to review

An incentive to review can work wonders in getting you good online reviews by providing customers with the motivation they need to review your product. Lincoln Murphy, the customer service expert, told Business.com that incentives fall among the oldest and most effective ways of getting more reviews.

However, Murphy cautioned, “Just make sure you’re working within the rules of the online review site, as many don’t allow you to incentivize positive reviews.”So you can offer a discount, a coupon, or membership. Or, you can also arrange a giveaway monthly for a customer who leaves a review.

  1. Other quick tips

Some other expert tips to get you more reviews are embedding a ‘review us’ button on your site, regularly providing customers reasons to review your product (you can do that by introducing new offers) and display new reviews to your site every month.

It is also favorable to share the reviews that you get on social media. Additionally, display the logo of the review site in your e-store and website to encourage more people to leave reviews.

Wrap up

Online reviews can be tough to get. However, good quality services and products can easily get reviews as you push your customers toward the review sites. Don’t forget to solve problems of the people who leave negative review genuinely.This can help stitch back your impression tremendously, preventing sales from dipping. All in all, adopt a proactive approach and don’t forget to manage your online reputation.

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