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Choose your Weapon: 5 Best Gaming Gadgets You Should Buy Right Now

As the business of gaming tightens and compresses its clutch on the mainstream culture, large companies such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple are continually searching for ways to enhance their avant-garde products. Either it’s with jaw-dropping hardware designs, software advancements, or with new products we didn’t know existed.

Manufacturers all over the world have been creating gaming devices beyond keyboards, mice, and joysticks for years. Some are made for durability, while others for enhanced gaming experience and added functionality.

Most of them are sleek and futuristic, but all of them are created for one purpose, to provide the best or the ultimate gaming session for which committed gamers deserve. For a little help, listed below are some of the best gaming gadgets that every hardcore gamers should buy right now.

Beyerdynamic MMx 300 headset

At first glance, the Beyerdynamic MMx 300 doesn’t seem like an ordinary gaming headphone. Instead, it is more of a sophisticated pair of a headset with a boom microphone. The MMx 300 is entirely black, with round, large plastic ear cups firmly fixed on plate metal arms attached to the headband.

For sure, big gaming developers exert lots of effort and most probably money into in-game audio, most especially for games such as first-person shooter games. The MMx 300 is one of the best sounding gaming headphones, defeating the Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset in audio quality and design.

Also, it is the most impressive luxury gaming headphones for both dedicated audiophiles and hardcore gamers.

WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive

This product is more than capable of storing huge amounts of music, videos, and photos you like. Available in a wide collection of fun, vibrant colors. Also, the smooth and glossy style suits luxuriously in the palm of your hand. Thus, you can, without difficulty, take your important content or documents wherever you go.

For sure, most gamer’s dilemma is lack of storage for those Steam games. Fortunately, with the help of My Passport portable drive, PC gamer’s don’t need to worry about this kind of problem.

WD My Passport portable hard drive is a 2-terabyte external hard drive. Thus you’ll have enough space to fill up those Steam games. It is USB-powered and will work well with a PC or a Mac.

Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse

Perhaps the most impressive gaming mouse available, Logitech G600 gaming mouse has twenty buttons, which you can program for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games including World of Warcraft. If ever you get tired and want to play another game, Logitech G600 gaming mouse will store your profile.

You can also customize the color backlighting to experience the best illumination in your gaming experience. Select one color out of sixteen million colors and appoint a specific color to each profile you have. By that, you can easily tell, without even glancing down, which more you are in to be sure that your setup is up-to-date.

Logitech G19s gaming keyboard

The Logitech G19s gaming keyboard provides a customizable display that lets you track or record your gaming statistics even if you are not currently in a game. Also, there are twelve programmable keys, with thirty-six distinct functions.

It has two USB ports, which means you don’t need to worry about not having sufficient space for another kit, either. The keys let the gamer to swap media without having to stop their games every time they do it.

Moreover, the wrist rest is very much comfortable, but if ever you find it troublesome, you can remove it easily. Take note that the Logitech G19s gaming keyboard is much bigger than the usual keyboards. As such, it’ll likely take or occupy more space, which can be a dilemma for some.

Razer Destructor 2

The Razer Destructor 2 is a 2.2mm thick and is most probably the perfect mouse pad for hardcore gamers. Its optimized surface coating makes it easy for gamers to move their mice, whether laser and optical.

Rest assured that you’ll get the perfect balance between speed and control. Get the right amount of resistance to your mouse movement to target precise headshots, while moving the mouse all over the pad.

It also has a non-slip rubber base that allows you to keep the mouse pad in place no matter how strong you swipe. Thus, you can undoubtedly enjoy your gaming experience to the fullest. You can visit any online stores such as Deal Wiki to see a wide variation of this product.


Even though these gaming gadgets may not make your play any better, but these devices can improve or enhance your in-game experience. Beyerdynamic MMx 300 headset, WD My Passport Portable Hard Drive, Logitech G600 Gaming Mouse, Logitech G19s gaming keyboard, and Razer destructor 2 are only some of the best gaming gadgets available on the market.


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