A comparative guide on Exotel and Knowlarity

Effective communication is an important tool for all the business owners around the world. Your success depends on how efficiently you can put forth your point. How you communicate can ultimately be the difference between losing out on a deal and possibly sealing it.

One must clearly explain the company’s policy to its customers and business partners along with responding to their questions about one’s products or services. A clear cut negotiation is very important for your business to prosper and hence, communicating efficiently is much-needed.

Building a good relationship with your partners and customers is also important in business. Effective communication can help you strengthen relationships between you and your employees, customer et al which can significantly improve the state of your business.

Sometimes, it is not possible for you to answer your customers or partners instantly. Here’s where the need of having a good phone system or video call system with Interactive Voice Response arises. If your partner or customer has to wait to hear back from you, there are chances that the deal might not come to fruition. There are various providers who provide systemsto be used exclusively by business organizations. And here we’ll talk about two of them, namely, Exotel and Knowlarity Smart IVR.

Exotel is a phone system which is used heavily in various business organisations. It provides various features including Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It’s easy to install and helps with call management and recording. Knowlarity, on the other hand, uses the world’s most reliable cloud computing system, which keeps functioning even in the case of fail over. It provides the user with back up and auto scaling and has inbuilt functions for them.

Both, Exotel and Knowlarity, have two different plans. The former comes as ‘Dabbler’, which is a six-month plan and costs INR 9999 and Believer, which is a yearly plan and costs INR 19,999. On the other hand, Knowlarity has a ‘Basic’ plan which costs INR 900 per month for two users, while the ‘Advanced’ plan costs INR 1650 per month for four users.


The payment for both the services can be done through SAAS and both provide mobile support and are available for free trial as well.

Comparison – Exotel vs Knowlarity

Both, Exotel and Knowlarity, provide API integration but not analytical reports and auto-dialer. They can be used for Banquet and conference management and have call logs as well.  Where Exotel trumps Knowlarity is in giving the Call Queuing facility and being a complete messaging platform.

Some other services which both these systems provide are – Call Recording, Call Routing, Caller ID, CRM Integration, Customisable Welcome Greeting, Inbound reporting, Internal Call transfer, IVR and dial groups, Lead management, Mobile app, Multi user login and Roll based access, Multiple Accessline, Multiple extension, Multiple Simultaneous calls, Outbound reporting, Single access number, Text-to-speech and Toll free number.

While Knowlarity gives the user the option of Voicemails and Smart call tracking exclusively, Exotel gives the services of SMS and Customer sender ID.


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