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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107

QuickBooks is among the leading accounting software package for little and medium businesses, serving to them to effectively manage their payroll system, pay bills and settle for business payments, etc in Associate in Nursing impeccable manner. It provides advanced and spectacular options to its users. However, it’s going to seem to be buggy every now and then, several errors arising within the method, that the users ought to bear in mind of.

One such error is QuickBooks Error 15107. QuickBooks provides updates for its product for adding new and upgrading existing options. once the user is unable to transfer the payroll updates free by QuickBooks with success, QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107 is displayed.

It states that the payroll update program can’t be initialized. It creates a tangle for those that are victimization the newest update of QuickBooks Payroll 2017. To fix this error you can contact to QuickBooks payroll support team.

Causes of QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107

There is a multiplicity of causes of this type of error, a number of which can be listed as:

  • Recent QuickBooks Update was either not completed or closed forcefully.
  • Damaged Windows or corrupted written record files.
  • Damaged QuickBooks update.

QuickBooks error code 15107 is perceived as a maintenance unharness error or payroll update error with QuickBooks. This payroll update error additionally displays a blunder message which supplies details regarding the particular reason for the prevalence of this error. Once this error happens, the user won’t be ready to transfer the payroll update with success.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107

There square measure some ways through which you’ll be able to solve this problem:


  • Restart your computer system.
  • Sometimes thanks to simply a brief method, this type of errors keep pop on a windows screen.


  • Run the reboot.bat File.
  • Press the windows key on your keyboard.
  • Type reboot.bat within the search field then press the Enter button on the keyboard.
  • A black window can seem there on your video display that is mentioned because of the DOS window or Command window.
  • There, a variety of various file names can run on your screen, don’t manually or strictly shut this window.
  • Wait for the boot.bat utility once to shut it when it the task it’s acting done.
  • Now attempt accessing QuickBooks yet again.
  • If you’ve got over one or two installations of QuickBooks on your desktop, then expectedly you’ll additionally get multiple copies of the boot.bat file. during this purpose, choose and operate the boot.bat file that is connected with the QuickBooks within which you’re facing the error.


  • Exit from your QuickBooks.
  • Now return at this location- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks < version> \Components.
  • Search the folder by the name “DownloadQB-xx” wherever xx is your version variety of QuickBooks. E.g. DownloadQB17
  • Discard the previous name by ever-changing it to the folder name as “DownloadQBxx.OLD.”
  • Go to QuickBooks and open it once more.
  • Go to Help, then choose Update QuickBooks Desktop, then choose Update currently.
  • Click on the choice giving (to roll back the update, reset the updates check box.)
  • Now you’ll be able to merely transfer the newest update once more by clicking on the Get Updates button.
  • Wait until the transfer gets complete and once it’s complete, shut and open up your QuickBooks.
  • Install the given update by clicking on the install currently.


  • You should Troubleshoot Your web human Settings, web Security settings, and Firewall settings.


  • Do a clean install of QuickBooks software.

If all of the above-mentioned solutions fail to resolve and fix the error, you’ll contact the QuickBooks Support phone number that delivers quite prompt services.


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