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Flourish Your E-commerce Business through Instagram Marketing

From the very beginning, Instagram has been the ideal social media platform for e-commerce marketers. The image-oriented nature of Instagram makes it a lucrative place to promote your brand and its products. More and more e-commerce marketers are utilizing Instagram for creating brand awareness and boost their sales.

However, the basic rules of marketing on Instagram are quite different compared to other social media platforms. It is a place for building a large audience base and leveraging the pure power of visual content. Check how Instagram aid you in growing your e-commerce business and maximizing your revenue:

High User Engagement

Getting involved with your real Instagram followers is a great way to develop a loyal user community around your online business. This is very true for Instagram, where user engagement is comparatively higher than its other social media counterparts. The ultimate goal of every social media marketer is not only to deliver brand messages, but to have a better interaction with their target audience. For a better involvement with your follower base on Instagram, you will need to publish high-quality content. Your followers must find your posts valuable and entertaining which means they are likely to share it with their friends and family, bringing more prospects to your brand.

Making the Most of Hashtags

Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram limits the usage of links. You cannot hyperlink URLs in comments and descriptions like on Twitter and Facebook. But, you can avail only one website link in your profile bio. Instagram offers the dynamic utilization of hashtags. In order to make your Instagram marketing more effective, you must put weight on hashtags to connect your audience on Instagram to the brand’s overall marketing campaign. As soon as you gain followers through great content, tap into famous hashtags related to your brand for connecting them with your business. If you are able to generate more photo posts by your followers using your brand’s hashtags, you can get them to buy your brand offerings.

Use Instagram Stories during Events

Ever since their announcement, Instagram stories have allowed brands a great opportunity to post images or videos without having to think about the quality of the content. You can showcase the behind the scenes element of your brand, products, and other achievements. Audience highly appreciates and relates to Instagram stories. It helps you in creating a level of intimacy with your followers that is not possible with other marketing strategies.

Run Frequent Contests

A contest is a type of active engagement where you can drive your followers to act on the platform and they get an award after they perform on your command. The audience on social media loves contests, because they can participate and get something out of it. While running contests, make sure that you have a large target audience, who can easily find about your contest and then declare a prize attractive enough to keep them intact.


With over eight hundred million users, Instagram is currently the most sought-after social media platform for e-commerce marketers. If you want to flourish your online business through Instagram, stick to the above-stated tips and build your campaign effectively.

Author Bio – Andy Schauffer is a blogger and a frequent Instagram user. He has generated real Instagram followers with some appealing visual content. He explains to his readers how they can harness the power of Instagram to fulfill their needs.


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