What To Do If Forget The Login Password For Windows 10 PC

You already know that if you use Windows 10, then you need to have a strong password. This combined with the fact that you can choose your Microsoft account to become your default one, will result in a completely safe computer. That being said, it can be pretty frustrating when you forget your password.

Most of us would think to reinstall the operating system at first, although this seems like a drastic solution, to be honest. Instead, we decided to show you three ways of recovering your password without reinstalling your Windows 10 Fun Unblocked Games.

1:Use The Administrator Privileges

Let’s say that you forgot the password to your account but you are still able to sign-in as an administrator. To make sure, click Sign-in Options which can be found just beneath the password field and then you can choose PIN or Picture depending on which you used.

Also, if this doesn’t work, you can search to see if you can use an admin account to log-in. If you can, then you just have to use Command Prompt, Control Panel or PC settings which will be of great help in changing any forgotten passwords.

Go ahead and access ‘Control Panel’, then click on ‘User Accounts’. In the ‘Make changes to your user account’ access the ‘Make changes to my account in PC settings’ option. When the sign-in options tab pops up, click ‘Change’ under the password field. After that you just have to enter your new password and you are done.

2: iSeePassword

There is yet another solution to your problem if method1 doesn’t work. Being a third party recovery program, ISeePassword will do the job of cracking the password for you. One of the best pieces of password cracking software, ISeePassword will also be faster than OphCrack, being able of cracking passwords in just 5 minutes.

The process is similar to the previous one. First head on to another computer where you need to access the official site (where you have to download the iSeePassword program). After you install it, plug an USB flash drive or insert a CD into your Windows computer. If you wish to make a bootable USB flash drive, then click “Burn USB” after you open iSeePassword.

Then go to the locked Windows 10 computer and insert the USB. You must have the BIOS setting changed to be bootable via USB. The iSeePassword software will appear as soon as you reboot and it will let you reset your password.

3: OphCrack LiveCD

We live in a day and age when there’s an app for everything. OphCrack LiveCD is a great piece of software which can help you to recover lost or forgotten passwords. Being an open source solution that is also completely free to use, OphCrack is perfectly capable of recovering PC passwords. Like any other password reset tools , OphCrack can help you create a bootable CD ,then boot and break the locked computer ,but this program can take a long time and it can be complicated for users who are not familiar with the computer ,So beginners are better off using other simple methods


Following to the 3 methods provided above,you can reset or create a new password for your Windows 10 computer, In my experience, iSeePassword’s program is a really good choice and although you have to pay for it,but you can be sure that in a short amount of time you will regain access to your computer without password.It works better than the other methods because there are different types of password recovery programs on its official website that can help users in different situations.


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