Should You Go for an Instagram Store? Here’s What You Need to Know!

When you are trying to establish your own business these days, it is crucial that you consider online business and digital marketing as well. The potential of the digital world is still to be explored. There are different types of products that you can sell through an online store, and you can make sure that these products reach the right clients when you are connected with them over social media platforms. The craze regarding the different social media platforms is plenty these days, and you can render good response and traffic to your online store through these platforms. There are different innovative ways in which you can promote your products and make sure that your store gets enough exposure. The Instagram stores are some of the most trending methods of marketing, and you can even sell your products through them.

The craze of Instagram

Keeping in mind the popularity of Instagram, some brands, celebrities, even startups try to make the most of the Instagram accounts and reach out to more and more people who could be your potential clients. However, besides the advantages of having an Instagram store, one should consider the drawbacks and dangers as well. There are some drawbacks of such stores since these kinds of store operate majorly based on the faith and trust shared by the seller and the buyer. To make sure that you are successful with the Instagram store and do not suffer huge losses, here are some tips which would help you to avoid any situation that can go against your business. Fraud and cyber-crimes are very much prevalent, and you can fall victim to such situations through your Instagram store as well. Hence it is vital that you verify the customers before you deal with them.

Research on such stores first

If you are considering business through an Instagram store, it is essential that you have enough free Instagram likes and a thorough understanding of it first. So, before you launch your Instagram store, study and research all you can about how the functions. What are the ways in which you can build one, the types of products that are majorly trending through such stores, where can you find the products at wholesale rates that you are going to sell, the best ways to photograph the products, captioning and hashtag of the images and so on. Also, research on the types of problems that established Instagram stores has gone through while starting their business and how they overcame them and became successful. You will find tips and pointers which you can later use for your store.

Verify customer profile

Do not get over-enthusiastic as soon as you get a customer. Go through the profile of the customer who has pinged you enquiring about your products and try to judge the authenticity of the profile. The number of images, the social media connections, the personal pictures and whether they look genuine, the information provided in their bio, their location if they have shared any are some of the things that you must look through. If all this appear convincing enough then interact with the customer professionally and entertain their queries.

Do remember, that a customer who is genuinely interested in buying would not waste time with unnecessary chitchats and would go straight to the point about what they need. Politely but professionally end the conversations by sharing the product details they are asking about, the price and the methods in which they can pay and how they would receive the product and let them decide whether they are ready to make the purchase. If any customer asks to keep a certain product on hold without even making a partial payment for it, then do not wait beyond a very limited period and move on to the next person who is asking for the same product.

Payment method

Provide your customers with multiple options for secure payment but ensure that it is advantageous to you as well. Do not ship the products unless you receive the entire amount as payment. If you have cash on the delivery system, tie up with the courier company well and ensure that your product is delivered and paid for. In case it is delivered but refused to be accepted by the client, who is highly possible, mark such clients apart, so you do not have to deal with them in future.


It can be concluded that certain drawbacks are associated with the Instagram store, but you can establish a good business nevertheless with such social media profiles.

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