Importance of Personality Test and Five Different Types

Personality is becoming the key disruptive parameters for the candidates to get the job as well as for the interviewer to select the best candidate.The expectations of the employers in the work is getting more and more to bring the work connected skills to the organization by the employees. It has become necessary to be multi-skilled and to be engaged and be sincere to the company to be successful. Personality has become the key factor which differentiates the employees.

Study shows that personality is really important for the work and many managers consider it very important differentiator. The HR and managers assess their people in their team based on their personality traits who would become successful in their company.

Many members in the top management feel that the personality is more significant than the skill set which the candidates possess. A study in these area suggest that as far as personality traits are concerned, being proactive, able to drive, loyal, engaged, open mindedness, and creativity are the key traits that employers look for in the employees.

Studies suggest that right personality is needed for the business to make it successful.  If wrong candidates are chosen then there is 20 % lower productivity, 25% lesser profitability and a standard of 49% less turnover.

There is a tool called psychometrics tests that allows company to hire the managers and above with the right personality traits for bringing success to the organization. This test allows employers to focus the efforts on the right people and save many wasteful hours from being not engaging with the wrong candidates.

There are five significant personality inventory test that can be conducted by the organization.

  • Big Five


There are significant five personality traits that researchers suggest that can be evaluated on the employees. Those are (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism). These deals with how employees work in an organization bringing benefits.

  • Myers Briggs

Myers Briggs test focus on the following tests they are Introversionvs.Extraversion, Sensing vs.Intuition, Feeling vs. Thinking, and Perceiving vs. Judging. The results of the analysis place the candidates into one of the sixteen personality types, showing their weakness and strengths.

  • SJT – Situational – Judgment – Tests


This test determines the situational tendency of the employees based on the response to the challenging situations and interactions with the customer. The personality assessment inventorytest assesses the behaviour of the candidates in the slack period and pressurizing period. This also gives the ideas on how the candidates interact with various situations.

  • OII – Occupational – Interest – Inventories


OII deals with having multiple career paths and various positions in the organization and then by this test putting the employees in the appropriate roles. This test measures how the participants are interested in particular tasks. This test helps in employee retention program.

  • DISC – Behaviour – Inventory

This test determines the team building capacity of the candidates; based on the four parameters control, support, influence and dominance every first letter represents the DISC in the reverse order. This classifies the employees in different groups


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