Improve your Applications with 9apps

Google Play Store is considered to be a treasure of applications and games. But still, there are some gems still forbidden. Not every application, especially third-party applications are available on the Play Store. You need spend hours and hours surfing the internet to find the application you need to download, and even after so much of efforts, there is still a chance that the downloaded file might carry viruses and adware. To save all these efforts and risks, Alibaba group launched an application called 9apps to compete for the play store, it was specifically created to download and install third-party applications safely onto your device. Basically, it is an application to download other applications.

From where can you download?

To download 9apps on your device, follow the following steps as given below: –

  • Open the browser installed on your device and search “9apps download”.
  • Select the link from a trusted website and download the apk file.
  • Meanwhile, make sure you have enabled the installation of a third-party application into the setting of your device.
  • As soon as the apk file is downloaded, click and install the application on your device.

Being a third-party application itself, it is not available on the play store.

Why 9apps?

This application is amazing and has some salient features: –

  • Easy Interface

The interface of this application is similar to that of the play store except for the color scheme. If you are familiar with the play store, then it will be quite easy for you to download the application from 9apps.

  • Legal and Safe

This application and the application you download from here are 100% safe and legal. There is no scope of getting your device infected with viruses and adware. You can download an application from here without worrying.

  • Recommendations

There are recommendations regarding your previous download history and other popular application being downloaded by people worldwide. You can search and look into them to find a better application to ease your technical tasks.

  • Searching and Surfing

Searching for a particular application you want to download is not a big deal. There is a search bar at the top of the application interface, from there you can search the name of the application or the task it does and download the application of your choice from the search results.

  • Amazing Collection

This application has an amazing collection of a third-party application. This fact is further proven by the 200m+ traffic this application faces every month. The application you can’t find anywhere possibly is here. Make sure you use the right application name or related keyword for searching.

  • Low Data Costs

When you compare the data charges for the same application available on both play store and 9apps, you will find that the data charges are quite low when compared to the play store. This application can help you to save a few megabytes of data every day for sure.

To find more amazing and better applications that are not available on the play store, download and install 9apps on your device as soon as possible.


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