SAP Basis

What are the Job Prospects of SAP Basis?

SAP Basis refers to the SAP system administration. It includes activities such as installing the system, configuring it, balancing of the load on webs servers, and the performance of SAP applications that run on Java and ABAP. Maintenance of the operating system, database and web servers all designed for SAP system landscape is also possible with SAP Basis. To be specific, monitoring, tuning for performance and troubleshooting the technical environment. They will have to analyse and optimize any sort of performance issues and design interfaces of the SAP system to an external system.

Different modules such as Production Planning, Sales, Accounting, Finance and several others can be integrated and made to communicate effectively using SAP Basis.

A SAP Basis Consultant can have several job roles. It varies from specialist to analyst to administrator. Here are some of the job prospects of a SAP Basis Consultant.

  1. Interface Analyst: Your job will be to confuse and set up interfaces between the various modules of the SAP system.
  2. SAP Database Administrator: A database administrator will take care of the backup and restoring of all the relevant data on the SAP system. Managing the various database objects and ensuring that they work properly is another task. Other tasks include patch and version management of databases and tablespacing and indexing operations.
  3. Solution Specialist: One function is to upgrade the particular SAP version of the system. They will also deal with migrating operating systems and databases and installation of various application programs on the system environment.
  4. System Administrator: A system admin will monitor the performance of the various SAP modules and the system. One of their crucial tasks is to maintain the system health and performing regular health check-ups of the SAP system.
  5. SAP Architect: An architect’s job is to design the data and workflow within the SAP system and manage the SAP sizing.
  6. Transport and Batch Job Administrator: The tasks will include replication and scheduling of batch jobs. Additionally, SAP Control access must also be managed in the system landscape.
  7. Security Administrator: Integrating authorization modules to the SAP system to prevent any sort of data corruption or breaches of data.
  8. Operating Systems Administrator: Tasks include updating the kernel regularly, backup and recovery options at the OS level, monitoring the system for any sort of performance or health issues.

The tasks of a SAP Basis administrator are undoubtedly numerous, and sufficient training is needed to be able to efficiently handle these tasks seamlessly. A large number of SAP Basis Tutorials are available for this purpose and can help one understand the basics of Operating Systems and Database Management, allowing them to perform their assigned tasks to the best of their ability.

The scope of a SAP Basis Consultant is extensive, and a number of inhouse roles are necessary for organizations. For any sort of troubleshooting related to SAP stems, the SAP Basis Consultant is called first. With thousands of companies across the world using SAP as their primary business management software, job opportunities abound.



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