Know How Backlinks can Increase Your Website Traffic

Personal or professional websites are like our own children these days. We develop them and nurture them with real care. But all these things get wasted if we don’t make a perfect policy to attract a crowd. The backlinks play a big role in this case.

What are Backlinks?

The question must have arisen on your head at the start of reading this article. But I’ll not upset you in getting the full information on it. We all have seen different types of promotions on various occasions. In the movie promotions, the production house launches a teaser at first and then the trailers, musical videos are revealed.

Yes, these are the out of touch things. Now, I’m giving you an example which can be much relatable. We all have arranged some sort of cultural or sports programs for our clubs, schools or organizations. Here, we’ve stuck many posters on the walls and handed over leaflets to the local people. The internet world also deals with some kind of publicity. Here, developing a website is not enough. If you don’t get a large traffic involved in your domain, all your hard-works becomes useless. You can get the trafficking details by analyzing your site on the websites like Alexa.

Now, the importance of backlinks comes to play. For your website publicity, you can write some relevant articles and post it in the domain of some other popular site. You need to mention a link, here in the published article which redirects the user to some page of your website. When the huge crowd of the popular site will read your article and click on the given backlink, your website will get a fair amount of traffic.

Factors of Backlinking


It’s not the whole thing that you can get the traffics by posting the backlinks only. Your website quality is a big factor in the publicity. If the interested people click on the links given in the published article and visit your unattractive website, your impression can get affected. Hence you’ll not get the desired traffic anymore on your site.


The most important thing that you must remember about posting the backlinks on the popular websites is relevance. In case the articles posted on the crowded sites are not relevant to the subject of your website, the SEO will not be boosted. In other words, you can’t post the backlinks of your car website on a popular mobile website.

Speed of Acquisition

Posting thousands of backlinks is not a smart idea if you run a legal website. Whenever such things happen, you can be assured that Google will suspect you because you’ll not get thousands of backlinks without buying them. Hence, the elite search engine will accuse you of attempting to trick them and charge you some penalties.

Variety of Websites

You may have many types of websites. This is an advantage in term of posting backlinks on the popular website domains. People can have forums, blog websites, e-commerce websites etc. Hence, they should post the relevant articles with the links on respective crowded sites. You must remember the subjects while posting.

These are the factors as well as the regulations for getting high traffic on your website. You need to follow these rules to make your site domain a popular one. You can check the trafficking on your site through the websites discussed on Layerpoint.


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