Makassar’s Culinary Specialties: Crabs, Seafood and Coto Makassar

Makassar’s Culinary Specialties: Crabs, Seafood and Coto Makassar

If you’re searching for restaurants specializing in Seafood, here’s a listing of a few of the most famous establishment. Do try the famous Makassar crabs. You may ask the restaurant to package some cooked crabs to take with you by plane to bring home and share with your loved ones!

1 | Surya Super Crab

This restaurant serves fresh crab that is crab-tastic! Attempt its’KepitingSaos Padang’ (Padang flavored crab) with a few Mantao bread. Simply divine!

2 | RatuGurih

This eatery is among the best restaurants in Makassar that serve freshly fried or grilled seafood. It has got a broad selection of seafood meals out of fish, clams, prawns, squid to fish. Additionally, it has typical Sulawesi dishes like the spicy Rica-Rica Chicken.

3 | LaeLae

This can be another seafood establishment that is famed for serving fresh fish. You merely come, pick the live fish that you want, and also the workers of the restaurant will grill it to you. The fish will be served with assorted condiments and a steaming bowl of white jasmine rice.

4 | Coto Makassar/ CotoMangkasara

A restaurant that serves among the best Coto Makassar dishes is Coto Makassar Nusantara situated on Jalan Nusantara right in front of the Makassar port.

5 | Sop Saudara

This can be beef soup served with rice noodles, potato cakes, offal and boiled egg. Locals generally eat it with a plate of rice and broiled milkfish. The odor of this hearty bowl of soup alone will make your mouth water and your belly rumble. A must try! A place you may enjoy this tasty steaming bowl of goodness is at WarungPangkep Sop Saudara on JalanIrian at Makassar.

6 | KonroBakar (Grilled Ribs)

This is also probably the most famous dishes to come from South Sulawesi and continuously a favored for the majority of meat-lovers. KonroBakar, or broiled ribs, is served in 2 ways, either as soup or just grilled with, definitely, a plate of rice and condiments to your liking.

One location that serves some of the finest KonroBakar is KonroKarebosi on Jl. GunungLompobattang no. 41, Makassar 90115, Indonesia.

7 | PisangEpe – Makassar’s Culinary Particular Banana Dessert

That is a popular Makassar specialization. Near ripe bananas have been grilled and flattened then coated in a rich sauce of sugar mixed in a wide range of sauces which include durians or jackfruit juice, and lastly topped with a healthy sprinkling of cholate and cheese. The best are located at food stalls and hawkers in PantaiLosari.

8 | EsPisangIjo (Iced Green Banana Rolls)

This can be another dessert with bananas as its principal ingredient. The bananas have been wrapped in a green dough made from bananas, pandan and coconut milk. They’re then sliced and served in a bowl of crushed ice, syrup and coconut milk.


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