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How to Make Fresh Dank Memes

A meme is a kind of funny internet phrase or a joke, which is usually in the form of an image that gets spread like wildfire throughout the internet. It is the joke made on any topic and shared on various social media platforms. There are particular memes which get easily viral, whereas people enjoy this kind of tricks and relate it as sarcastically or humorously to make a point. If there are any funny observations that you have faced, then you can make a meme of it and can share it on various websites. It’s a better suggestion now you can also make it memes to present differently in funny ways in USA or whole world.

To make Dank Memes, first of all, you have to understand what they are exactly.  A meme is “an idea or behaviour or style that gets spread from person to person within a culture” or a short period. If a meme is considered as Dank (a satirical synonym for “cool”), then its popularity on the internet will spike on top of it.

Most of the memes are created with templates or from other memes, so all you have to do is you have to find one you like the most and make it yours. There are many types of different memes if we take it as an example the picture of a “Doge” meme. “Doge is a slang term for “dog” that is said to be primarily associated with pictures of Sheba Ines (nicknamed “Shibe”) and is also an internal monologue caption which can be seen on Tumblr. These photos are mostly made from Photoshop to change the dog’s face or to captioned with interior monologues in Comic language font.”

After selecting the meme, you wish to make you have to get the picture of the chosen meme and it came from you should decide the clear view to use it for making memes the earlier example given above you can take a look at it.

The third thing you have to do text is a crucial part of any meme, and some memes require the book to follow the specific rules. The Doge example which uses comic sans and it also uses certain words like, “wow,” or “such,” before something or the meme that relates to the picture. However, most of the memes use the font from the film on the bottom. There are specific contexts where the word ‘Dank’ may have different meanings.

Sometimes it is used to described as drugs and sometimes as memes, sometimes the two of it intersect in drug-related memes. However, in most of the situations ‘Dank Memes’ are just a meme that becomes very popular. But yes, you have to be careful you must follow the guidelines set by the memes that come in front of you.

And to make your meme accessible, you have to carefully work at every stage while delivering a meme and check if your joke is of good quality. Once you have successfully created your meme, you can share it on various social media platforms and websites. You can share them almost anywhere, but still, you have to go to the correct site where you can make your meme go easily viral.


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