Njoiii: Waterproof Bluetooth Key Finders

Having a key finder is something I have wanted since they went Bluetooth as I always have my phone on me. Being able to find something I have lost using my phone sounded good to me.

I found the size of some of the units unappealing. I kept thinking that if I had one in or on my bag, and it got stolen, the would-be robber would just take it and toss it. Game over.

The smallest key finder on the market that uses Bluetooth technology is the self-proclaimed njoiii.
This one is tiny at 1.4 x 0.2 x 1.4 inches and it’s water resistant.

What’s in the box?

Njoiii tag and instructions. If you want to use more than one tag, you have to buy more tags. The app has a labelling system to name each tag, for example; dog, bag, keys.

What can it do?

 If someone is sneaking off with my stuff or I have left for work without my wallet, my phone will alert me and I can go back and get it before I waste too much time,

I can call my TV remote control with my phone. As the tag features a circle cut-out, it’s mainly for hooking onto things, double-sided tape can solve the issue.

Use it as a remote for hands-free selfies,

Life-span 12-18 months, the battery is not replaceable,

It remembers where you saw it last and you can narrow the search.

Network Search

I’ve seen this a few times now and really thought it over. Many users who reviewed a few different key finders with this ability didn’t want to have location services turned on all the time. First it drains the battery and secondly most are a bit scared of being tracked by companies. My issues isn’t that, I have a Poweradd Slim 2 and I carry it all the time to recharge my phone. My issue is sending an alert out to strangers when I may have lost my wallet.

If I had attached it to my dog, this feature could be good, if there were actually indeed other users around as it extends the search parameter.
In saying that, tags can simply be used by other family members or friends. This key finder tracks items up to 50 feet away, so I can get my significant-other or friend to help join the search and double that distance if we all use the same brand of key finder.


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