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Norton 360 customer service phone number UK

Norton Antivirus Deluxe version helps the users to keep their system and data safe from various types of attacks. Users can buy one, two, or three year subscription in order to protect their systems. Let us discuss some of the features of the Deluxe subscription. Users can contact Norton 360 customer service UK in order to get help if they face any problem in securing their devices.

  • There are many kinds of attacks like spyware, ransomware, malware, viruses etc., which can harm the computers and steal sensitive data. The deluxe version protects the system from these attacks.
  • The system is prone to attack when a user connects to internet and the antivirus helps to protect the financial information and other sensitive information from cyber criminals.
  • The company provides 100% guarantee of protecting the user’s computer and data. As soon as the user subscribe, a Norton executive is always there to help the user for his problems and providing solutions.
  • User has to buy only a single subscription and with that he can protect many devices. The subscription can be of one, two, or three years.

Compatibility with Multiple Operating System

Now a days many devices like PC, mobile, tablets, and others can be connected to internet. These devices run on different operating systems and are prone to various kinds of attacks. The Deluxe version of the antivirus is compatible with all kinds of operating systems whether it is Window, Solaris, Mac, Android, or iOS.

Users can easily watch videos or do shopping online without any worry as the antivirus will protect all kinds of data, which is being sent or received. Another feature that Norton antivirus has is that it let the users of Android mobile know which apps are good to download and which are not. Users can see the danger even before downloading the app.

Promise of Protection

The company is confident of providing best possible services to, their customers to make them happy. That is why as soon as the customer subscribe an executive is assigned to help him in keeping his devices safe. If the customer is not happy with the services, then all his money will be refund.

Dedication of the company

Norton products have given tough competition to other companies who develop and sell same types of products and services. The company has got expert employees who consistently check for new attacks that are being developed to steal data and hacking the systems. That is the reason it has got many awards.

Online threats

A malware or virus can easily attack a computer if it does not have any antivirus software. Some users buy free versions of antivirus software, which are not really effective. Cyber criminals use very high software in order to hack a system and steal documents and sensitive information.

Norton products are aware of existing as well as new threats and stops the online threats that can steal the data and harm the users.

Norton Deluxe and VPN

If Norton Antivirus is combined with Norton VPN then it provides better security as VPN creates a private network, which cannot be accessed by the hackers.


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