Optimise Your WordPress Website For Google Mobile First Algorithm

Mobile-friendliness has been a critical factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a long while. Presently, Google has revealed an update saying that it will now give more preference to mobile sites. It’s a noteworthy change, and it could negatively affect your SEO in case if you’re not prepared for it. This new update has been given name the “mobile first index” which is persistent to its name also. By releasing this update, the search engine will now prioritize mobile version of the website on Search engine result page.

Before digging deeper, let’s understand what Google’s new algorithm is all about and what it all means for you:

When you search something in Google, you will dependably observe similar result whether you’re searching through a mobile phone or using the desktop. Previously, the more focus is on the desktop versions, which prompt to some issues. For example, this implies that mobile users were served sites that weren’t responsive or highlighted less content as compared to searching on the desktop.

Now, the use of smartphone has become very common and all the searches are being done through these smartphones, Seeing this only Google has rolled out its new update. The primary change is that Google will now list and rank sites by assigning priority to their mobile variants. So, if your WordPress site gives a disgraceful mobile version, your SEO endeavors will take a shot both on desktops as well as on mobiles.

How to Prepare Your WordPress Website for Google’s Mobile-First Index:

The primary goal is to make your website fully responsive. However a complete redesign takes a great deal of time and meanwhile, there are different things you can do to plan for the rollout of Google’s update.

Ensure Your Website’s Mobile Version Includes All Your Key Content

If you want to use two version of your website then it is necessary to feature same content on both versions. A few people use stripped down version of their sites for the mobile versions rather than creating a specific mobile version of their website featuring the same content. Earlier, this may have been sufficient, however, now you require your mobile website to be as fleshed out as its desktop version.

To be more particular, both the versions of the website ought to contain the similar data and features. Thusly, clients will, in any case, be able to locate your content after the rollout of Google’s mobile-first index.

Add the Same Metadata to All Versions of Your Website

Besides ensuring the two adaptations of your site sharing a similar content, you additionally need to ensure that both versions should have same metadata to all pages. Metadata plays an important role in Search engine optimization and helps decides how web crawlers show your pages in the SERPs. Regardless of whether your mobile site has the same content as that of the desktop version, yet doesn’t have similar metadata, your SEO will even now endure a shot.

Metadata is basic to SEO since it empowers you to have more control over your outcomes. It might possible that adding meta tags to your mobile content take some time contingent upon the number of pages on your website. Regardless of whether you are using an SEO plugin, despite everything sometimes you need to manually copy and paste each meta description into the perfect place manually. Notwithstanding, it is necessary since Google will take a gander at your mobile version of website metadata first.

Keep on focusing on Website Performance

Performance is another important metric which can’t be ignored whether it’s about desktop or mobile version. Nobody prefers a slow website, regardless of whether it’s on mobile or desktop. More to the point, mobile devices sometimes have less steady connections, which make WordPress website speed optimization much more important. Luckily, there are considerable measures of ways you can make your WordPress site speedier. Some brisk illustrations incorporate utilizing browser caching, through a Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimizing images, and many more.


Mobile traffic has been on the ascent for quite a while. Google’s mobile-first index is another affirmation that for mobile is king, which implies that you have to ensure your site is adjusted to the new standard. It is advisable to look for an expert technology partner to get wordPress development services who can help you with all the aspects.



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