Printed Circuit Board Assembly and Manufacturing

Summary: This article talks about printed circuit board assembly. Further, it talks about the PCB manufacturing.

Resource: Printed circuit board assembly is a common term in the electronics industry. Let’s discuss more about PCBs.

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Paul Eisle is the father of PCB. He invented it in the middle of 1930s. He first used it in a radio set. Nevertheless, it became common only after the two decades of its invention. It became common because the US military began using it. At present, PCBs are an indispensible thing of nearly all device, such as cars, smartphones, PCs and more.

How is a PCB fabricated?

To create a custom printed circuit board, foremost the electronic diagram the needed circuit is made utilizing CAD software. After that the printed circuit board prototype is designed utilizing CAD manufacturing software technology.

The general materials utilized for fabricating printed circuit boards are: FR4, FR4 high temp, Polyimide, GeTek, CEM, FR1, and more. The thickness & size of the board count over the needs of the circuit. The substrate is wrapped with a copper layer. Then, utilizing photosensitive coating, the circuit diagram is printed over the board. The unwanted copper is soldered out from the board to produce copper tracks, known as traces. This procedure is called photoengraving. There are 2 other general procedures utilized for creating connecting traces. Printed circuit board milling is a mechanical procedure in which unwanted copper is taken out with CNC machines. Another procedures is called silk screen printing, where excusive ink which is etch-resistant is utilized to wrap the places where the copper traces need to be created.

Testing of printed circuit board

Prior to assembly of elements of delivery of PCBs, the board must be tested to locate any probable ‘shorts’ & ‘opens’ which can bring about a non-functioning board. A ‘short’ signs the creation of an unwanted connection as well as ‘open’ signs that the 2 points which must have been associated are unconnected. All these errors must be solved prior to printed circuit board assembly. It is significant to note that all printed circuit board fabrication centers test the boards prior to shipping. It is many times taken as an additional price nevertheless an important one to offer a completely functioning board prior to incorporating elements.

PCB assembly

As soon as the board is ready, elements are assembled and incorporated to the surface as per the circuit diagram. A few of the general assembly methods utilized are SMT & through hole fabrication. Many times, a blend of these 2 methods is also utilized for assembly.

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