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A Quick Take on Best Five News Apps for Android

After the introduction of the internet, the way people view news has changed. Instead of watching TV or newspaper, people these days roam their way to the web to search for the news that matters most to them. There are innumerable sites and apps that deliverthe news. In this post, you will come across the best news apps, which will help you find the news you want.

Let’s discuss some of the best news apps download for Android:

  1. Money Control: A lot of people these days keep themselves updated with what’s happening with the share market, and this is arguably the best app to track daily market fluctuations, important government announcements, share prices and IPO tracking among others. You can also track commodity and currency prices as and foreign markets in this app.
  2. Cricbuzz: People these days hardly have time to watch a full match. In this, you can know what’s happening in the world of cricket all across the globe. You can also see the domestic matches’ scores as well. In addition to scores, you will see expert analysis and all the statements that have come from various experts. Since India is a cricket loving nation, you will find this app in almost all smartphones in India. This new apps for android is arguably the best for all cricket buffs.
  3. News Hunt: This is an Indian made app that brings to you all latest news from all the newspapers from different states in India. Its main source though is the newspapers, but you get time to time instant updates in this app. The main feature is that it supports various Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam among others.
  4. First Post: This is an official app of the famous Indian news portal named FirstPost. This app shows all the breaking news instantly. In this app, you can check out various news articles. In addition to that, it has an option through which you can tailor the topics of news that you want to know. Plus it has an added feature of saving stories, and by doing so, you can read the stories offline as well.
  5. NDTV: This is the official app of popular news channel NDTV. This app not just shows you the news articles, but you also see the famous NDTV shows which have been aired on NDTV channel. This channel shows you news and shows from all its partner channels like NDTV Good Times and NDTV Profit. NDTV is one of the most trusted news channels in India, and therefore, this is best news app for you if you want to keep yourself updated with various categories of news.

All the apps mentioned above are available on Windows, iOS, and Android. Though some features might differ but more or less they are the same. Through these apps, you can utilize your traveling time by keeping yourself updated with what’s happening across the globe. There are various other news apps as well, and most of them are known for delivering only the authentic news to you.


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