YouTube videos to downloadable mp3

How to rip YouTube videos to downloadable mp3

The internet is a place where you can regularly stumble upon great content, be it music, comedy, acting or even writing pieces. One such place is YouTube, a video streaming service where regularly millions of people upload their content. This can be instructional videos, movie snippets and a hoard of other material.

The most commonly viewed videos on YouTube are that of music. Be it the artists and their record label themselves uploading the videos or a playlist of videos, music gets the most views on YouTube. In fact, the most video on YouTube is that of a music video; of a song called despacito, which has over 5 billion video views. That number is more than the population of Asia and Africa combined.

These numbers only showcase the strength and reach of YouTube as a platform and it is also a reason why many young creators upload their songs and covers here. If it becomes a viral hit, they are guaranteed to make it on to the big stage. For those of you who simply enjoy music YouTube is a good place to explore and find new music. Yet without an internet connection, it may be a hassle to watch these videos and enjoy the music. This is an even bigger problem for those who do not have a good streaming service available in their region.

Downloading videos and converting them into mp3 format may sound like quite the hassle but, it really is not. A lot of pages on the internet are very good at doing this and converting videos directly into mp3. If you want to share these videos you need to avoid certain copyright claims and one way of doing that is by using a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator. The ease of using a simple website to convert your videos to mp3 files can be very helpful.

The occasional music listener amongst you will almost always find some great songs on YouTube and would want it on your music library. For the more refined listeners among you, there might be the undiscovered cover artist whose rendition of songs you like more than the original version. And since their music is not available on other platforms, you can simply use the help of a converter website to download the music file. There are other things such as podcasts which are gaining rapid popularity. These can also be downloaded through these websites, however, given the size of the podcasts, you may need to get the paid version.

There are basically three steps involved:

  • Copy the link URL from YouTube
  • Paste the said link onto the website and begin the conversion
  • Save the downloaded mp3 file on your hard drive

 Following these simple steps and you can download and convert any video file into an audio file. This can also be uploaded to social media sites, by using a simple YouTube to Facebook converter. Enjoying your favourite music on your computer is now just a few clicks away, so what are you waiting for?


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