The Secret to Getting More Real Likes on Instagram - Tips and Suggestions!

The Secret to Getting More Real Likes on Instagram – Tips and Suggestions!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years, you must know the importance of social media in today’s world. Social media has played its role in redefining the concept of connectivity among people over the globe, and it continues to do so with its increasing influence worldwide.  Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are unique in the ways they help people connect and also essential in modern times. For any business, owner marketing is the backbone of their growth. And everyone knows there is no cheaper, easier and better way to do so than seeking the help of social media.  Instagram is such a platform which you can utilize in promoting your business.

What is Instagram?

What started off as a photo editing app; soon became an independent social media platform. Instagram’s progress since its advent has been a phenomenal one. Sooner than one would expect, Instagram became a well-known competitor for well-established social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. There are millions of users of Instagram who use this app daily now. Though loyal to its original content, Instagram is still mostly about pictures you can do a lot more with its present fluid appearance.  Instagram also allows video uploading of 1 whole min instead of the previous 15-second feature. Which means you can promote your company or product’s advertisements through these videos and create customer curiosity.

How can Instagram be used for the promotion of your business?

Although most businesses still prefer Facebook and occasionally twitter for the promotional purposes of their product, Instagram has become widely popular. Its content is simple and visually more appealing. Since it is, after all, a photo-sharing platform, you have to make sure that all your contents are visually lucrative to gain customer popularity. A well-designed Instagram profile with a larger number of followers can get you a lot of business. Whether you are a well-established brand or a new startup, you just cannot ignore this potential opportunity. Instagram also allows paid promotions for your content, but it is more advisable to go for organic promotion as that will earn customer faith more easily. You can easily do certain things to increase the SEO of your Instagram profile and your contents individually to get real Instagram likes and followers who will help your business grow.


Like any social media platform A, Instagram has its own set of rules to follow. Make sure that you like and comment on other similar Instagram’ contents to encourage them as well as build good public relations. You can also try to collaborate with another brand to cross-promote each other and in the process gain more customers for both of you. Like any other social media, Instagram is also about people. When you focus more on your brand value and what you can do more for your customers instead of depending on statistics, you will gain a lot in the long run. Speaking of statistics, Instagram also provides a different profile for businesses, and you can use that to get insight and a lot more features that will help you promote your business.

Author bio: Real Instagram likes matter a lot in promoting online business, and it is not that easy to gather these likes. In this post, the author Derrick Johnson has given a quick brief on how to manage Instagram likes. He has helped the readers to know the various ways to get Instagram likes for business promotion.


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