Statistics and Trends on Employee Monitoring in 2019

Statistics and Trends on Employee Monitoring in 2019

It has a significant impact that helped the modern world to reduced labour tremendously. It’s good for business enterprises but at the same time, it’s a reason for unemployment. Businesses are not concerned with this social factor of unemployment since it’s the responsibility of the administration of the country to create ample job opportunities for its public. The employer would always be interested to reduce its operational cost of business. Well how much business is saving out of this and what’s the growth rate of implementation of these solutions is going to be discussed in this article.

Mostly, multinationals are in need of employee monitoring software and the reason is obvious. Their multi-location businesses are in need of user activity monitoring that would empower them to see the behaviour of the staff and to take appropriate actions if required when the staff is going to cross his limits or going to do something which is against the company. It can be by sharing company statistics to outsiders or misusing company resources.

These smart tools are competent enough that they can record the keyboard activity of the staff through keystroke logging function that helps the company track the activity of the user. This function would record the complete log of the user and the culprit staff won’t have any reason to justify his position in case of misuse of his authority. The Company can create smart rules for the user as company policy and alerts can be generated if those are overruled by any staff member. This would help management to take corrective actions well before time.

Screen recording would help management to see the activity of the staff and can be used as evidence if required. A survey conducted by an American company shows that approx. 80% of companies are monitoring their staff activities through employee monitoring softwares. Most important areas that are covered by these softwares are internet surfing, usage of official email and company-provided mobile phones. Even mobile phones are used to track the log of the employee if he is supposed to be in the market.

User behaviour monitoring has been the most widely used function among US companies. As per the latest survey finding, 94% of organizations are using this feature compared to last year results of 42% only. Means over the year it has a growth of 124% growth. We can witness from these finding that how important this single feature is among US companies to encourage those who are not using employee monitoring software. For a broader perspective, this software can help to cut the cost, reduce staff numbers, and measure their performance, do right-sizing and many more.

Now it’s your time to decide either be a part of the world’s best controlling software or stay hanged with your existing module until your company lasts. The decision will be yours but yes the results would also be yours. Make the best decision and start controlling your staff via employee monitoring software. This awesome tool can be customized according to your business needs and you would feel proud of this initiative in the coming future.


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