We tend to all apprehend that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be a crucial part of internet success. In 2011 alone, quite three hundred million folks used search engines daily, whereas globally search engine usage remained on a ten per cent growth curve throughout the year unconquerable figures so. however however vital is SEO to businesses within the Middle East? to determine the affects of SEO on regional businesses, we tend to determined to conduct a study of our own.

The study was supported analysis of client feedback from quite twenty corporations that use our SEO Dubai solutions. The survey lined purchasers from a spread of industries together with realty, insurance, banking, and government organizations, and was completely designed to spot the connection of SEO to businesses operative within the region.

Around sixty two percent of the businesses surveyed reported that SEO improved their website’s ROI by a margin of thirty per cent. of those corporations, thirty three per cent confirmed that SEO improved their site’s lead generation by fifty one.1 per cent, whereas forty seven per cent of the surveyed corporations reported a rise in lead generation by thirty five per cent. though results vary between B2B and B2C markets, nearly eighty per cent of our purchasers reported that SEO improved their site’s traffic by a banging seventy nine.8 percent inside the selected campaign amount.

“Our findings show that native corporations have accomplished the selling potential of search engine optimization,” says Johnny Huntington, Managing director Traffic. “Our results are in line with recent studies conducted in Europe, that counsel that search engine optimization remains the foremost valuable tool for increasing company whole visibility, and increasing a site’s traffic, leads and conversions.”

Moreover the study proved that SEO is a very efficient means that of Marketing. The date unconcealed that in terms of greenback worth our purchasers regarded SEO as a additional economical tool than Social Media Marketing(SMM) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads. on the average our purchasers allotted no quite thirteen.3 per cent of their annual selling budget to SEO, and were very happy with the “apparent” ROI.

Algorithms aren’t departure anytime presently, and given the widening accessibility, affordability and understanding of SEO within the middle East, the competition for SERPs will certainly become more durable within the future. this can be exactly why ninety five per cent of the businesses we tend to surveyed arrange to keep SEO as a part of their 2012 marketing budget. In fact, fifty two per cent of the surveyed corporations arrange to “increase” their SEO budget within the coming back year. to search out out however SEO agency dubai will facilitate your generate leads, sales and conversions, and the way it will facilitate your website grow and prosper within the ultra-competitive surroundings of the middleEast, contact Traffic these days.


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