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How many times does it happen that you need to scroll through your files to locate that particular version of a document which you wanted to share with your colleagues, or your photo from the holiday years ago that had the name of the great hotel you stayed at in it? Does it seem a familiar situation when you need to access that files for that lucrative project which had been stuck for weeks, but just at the moment you needed it, you realize your laptop is at home? Worse still, have you ever lost data when you damaged or lost your smartphone?

This kind of things happen, and they happen more frequently than most of us would like to admit. Traditionally, before the advent of technology reached the current internet revolution, data was carried around in magnetic tapes, floppy disks (that were actually floppy, before the three and a half inch disks became prevalent) and optical storage media like compact discs and digital video discs. Once the internet became widespread, it was natural to upload important files and information into one’s email account, as a way of accessing them at a moment’s notice. Still, file sharing was limited to the extent of attaching them to emails. An additional factor that limited the efficacy of this arrangement was the issue of compatibility with the receiver’s computer, since if the receiving computer lacked the software required to use the file, it was an exercise in futility.

Versatile File Storage &Online Sharing

The factors that came into play regarding effective sharing of files, no matter what format they were in, had to be circumvented or done away with. It was obvious that the types of data were only increasing as newer software and applications were developed to use better processing power, so the option that remained was to circumvent the issue of data differences. Thus was created the concept of online file storage to promote easy file sharing.

By allocating a portion of server space to host the files as simple data blocks – not as executable or programmable data – the problem of transmission loss was countered. Any user can put the data they wanted to access or the file they want to share on the DataBagg server and their intended recipient can download an exact copy without worrying about loss of data integrity.

Conceptually, there are no limits on the size and type of files that can be shared in this way with colleagues, friends or family. In addition, the history of your sharing allows for responsible tracking of the data. Once the file you want to share is on your portion of the DataBagg server, it is backed up for eternity (for all intents and purposes), unless you choose to delete it to make way for new files.

Choices Abound With DataBagg File Sharing & Storage

By separating the online file storage offerings into personal, business and enterprise plans, DataBagg caters to all levels of users with the same authenticity and robust security. For business purposes that may vary from one company to another, DataBagg encourages growth by developing customized plans that aid in the consistent sharing of information with the business’s stakeholders. For enterprise solutions, a dedicated team of experts works 24 X 7 behind the scenes to ensure data consistency with automated checksums and also enabling the immediate global updating of alterations, so that the client or receiver receives the latest versions of files even if they have been shared previously.

For perfection in file sharing and online file storage, opt for DataBagg today!


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