Talking Tom App 2nd Edition from 9app Games

These smartphones are the best source when it comes to entertainment. Whosoever created this it is actually the best past time. Though the smartphone has apps related to news, sports, games, movies, serials, quiz, education system, Hindi dictionary etc. but, the best one is entertainment app that is Talking Tom 2.

This app is pretty amazing. The first version was liked by people but the second version is just best as it has more modifications. Earlier this app has little features but now it has increased. This application can be downloaded from 9apps and it is worth. Kids love this app. This app imitates you and the voice which comes out is so funny. Many songs are even dubbed by this app to make it entertaining for kids.

What is this app all about?

Change from the previous version: Talking Tom Cat 2 is actually the coming back of the cheekiest cat on Google Play. This time the cat has left the alley and has shifted into a nice apartment which is situated in the city center. From this zone, the car will continue to share all his priceless knowledge with its associates.

The working and gameplay are the same as the previous version: It is just the same as previous one. In this, you speak in the terminal microphone and the friendly cat will say the same thing again in his characteristic voice.  To the more,  you can also the screen and wait and see how it further reacts. It will be great to observe that.

Further improvement in the app: In this second edition, new features are added to the previous app from 9apps apk. In this, you can make the Tom speak for himself at first when you install the application. Even the repeating phrase over and over again could be done in a fun loop. As this sounds quite exciting there is something more too. In this, you can also play several minigames in the application itself which will prove that the Tom is the sole star of this app.

Provides a friendly atmosphere: This app is quite fun to use. All thanks to this app as by this you can have a good time with friends and family by making the Tom repeat thing whatever you say.

Other specifications: This app is running a version of 5.2.3. and the last update for this app took place on 31 August 2017. It requires a space of 51.1 MB. This app basically requires Android 4.1 or later version for its working.


Those who believe in having fun and entertainment, this app will provide you with all the happiness.  You actually need to install it and use the same. You can download this app from 9apps apk.

Though it could be downloaded from the play store play store would take a lot of time and obstructions will come. So it’s better to download from another source. For the kids who are notorious this app is a blessing.


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