As this data from Statista shows, the price of iPhone hardware has been steadily getting more expensive, over time.

The 3 Reasons 50% of People Will Buy Their iPhone and Add Their Own SIM This Year

Apple has come a long way with its signature iPhone device, since the product was first introduced over a decade ago. This year’s iPhone range is their best yet. The iPhone XS and XS Max contain an Artificial Intelligence (AI) ready ‘Bionic chip’,part of the new 7 Nano meter A12 CPU (Central Processing Unit)  which will make the phone run more smoothly, especially when conducting Neural Network related tasks, which underpin AI activities.

More important, perhaps, from a user perspective, is the redefined OLED screen technology. The experience of using this year’s iPhone will simply look better – notably improved from the backlit LCD screens that have been the mainstay of iPhone products to date.

Finally, even if all that doesn’t tickleyour fancy, the fact that the Cupertino-based brand will now allow the use of dual SIMs in its phones is a laudable idea– especially given Apple wants to move in to South East Asian markets where use of dual SIM slots is critical,  removes one of the key reasons people chose Androids over Apple products in the developing parts of the world.

iPhones are expensive and prices are Going throughtheroof

The very first set of iPhones broke into the market scene in the year 2007, priced at (what appeared to be at the time, a) pocket-friendly $499 USD. The iPhone was a totally new type of device, competing with Nokias and BlackBerrys (remember them?!) at the time. $500 was a fair price for the kind of ‘all touch screen’ innovative device,Apple produced.

The original iPhone then went through a series of improvements. Apple added new components under the hood and competed with Android, in market, and in court, to ensure they had the best phones.

As this data from Statista shows, the price of iPhone hardware has been steadily getting more expensive, over time.

All the while, iPhones got more expensive. This year, the 2018 iPhone means users can expect to have to budget $1400+ for the topmost model of this year (the iPhone XS Max),

70% of People Are Buying SIM-free Phones

In fact, this is now the trend in the smartphone consumer market. As of the time of writing this article, According to WhatPhone, who have conducted research in to the market, 70% of people who are getting a new phone will prefer to buythe phone themselves, and add a SIM Only– or a prepaid plan, rather than go for an iPhone unit locked to a particular network under contract.

When it comes to iPhone users, the percentage of people who will buy outright and add a SIM is much lower. This is quite understandable, given the relatively high (and rising) price of Apple’s device range. One of the benefits, of course, of buying a phone under contract is that the cost of the device is split out over (typically) 2 years. Some people find it more affordable to pay for their device in this way, although the truth is often that they will end up paying more for using this type of deal.


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