The Two Faces Of Technology That You Should Know

The Two Faces Of Technology That You Should Know

It is truly undeniable that the technology that we are using right now in different devices, machinery and other things brought convenience, and makes our lives easier than before. We cannot deny that we are living in the age of advanced technology where our phone has its own camera, mini-computer capability, and other features that before we have to obtain individually.

We consider technology nowadays as an important or rather an essential part of our everyday life which is rapidly and constantly improving and innovating as we speak to further provide convenience and comfort to our lives and along with the fast-shifting advancement in technology, is also the shifting situation of our society that we treat technology the other way around where we think and use it in an adverse manner which in return creates a consequences.

Over the years, scientists and experts in technology have a long-standing debate about the effects of the technology in our society as a whole which it gives us benefits or consequences. The arguments are bitter on both sides but there are always pros and cons and have a different scenario on each side.

However, these debates keep us from being consumed completely with the overwhelming effect that the technology brought to our lives and it would be healthy to hear not just the good side about technology but also to listen to its downside or rather its negative side as well. In this article, let us learn the pros and cons of technology.


Efficiency- When it comes to efficiency, computers and other artificial intelligence (AI) generated and operated machinery that is being used in the industry right now manufactures and produces products with sheer efficiency compared to human labour which is susceptible to numerous errors and inaccuracy. Also, the technology right now can double and even triple the works and tasks that are being finished compared to a human. Aside from efficiency, the technology also gives us convenience to communicate with everyone via email, internet, SMS, and phone calls with just a swipe of your fingers from your phone’s screen.

 You can even call someone with real-time video call and can even shop online just like online technology store Australia.

Although a lot of industries are now shifting to AI, still, technology is developed by human itself, which means, there are more demands of jobs and workers that keep our technological products available for everyone by tirelessly working and making these devices and machinery.

Because of technology, we were able to develop new ways to fight diseases, cure illnesses, and improved a lot of things in the field of medicine.


Despite being available for everyone, the technological advancement is not for everyone, considering that it costs extra money. In fact, most people who are taking full advantage of the technology are those who belong to the upper and middle class.

Because a lot of things nowadays can be done with just a tap to the phone, or just a click to the computer, the human’s ability to keeping active has been decreasing. Today, a lot of people are very lazy and tends to forget the old-fashioned ways of doing tasks.

Also, most technological devices that we are using right now will become obsolete in three to five years, depending on how we use it and how sturdy and expensive it is.



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