Tips To Activate Roku Account Without Credit Card

Roku is known as the small streaming device (set-top box), that requires a valid account to access its features and services. With the help of Roku Link Code account, you can activate a number of Roku channels. But remember, there is only a single method to create a Roku account by providing PayPal or credit card details. Perhaps, users don’t wanna share their account details. For this, we have a solution.

Also, note down that if you have performed many attempts to activate your Roku device and you failed again and again, then you have noticed that your device might get heated or overheated. In that case, you have to stop here for a moment maybe half an hour and proceed further. But only after it is completely cool not before.

If you ignore this step, then you are harming and ruining your device from your own hand. Here, you have to give loads of patience and concern. After that:

It is important for you to add credit card details whenever you need to pay for Roku subscriptions. In order to skip this step, you are supposed to follow some of the following.

You just have to follow some creamy smooth steps to Activate Roku without Credit Card. Let’s get started.

  • Grab a computer/ laptop, launch an internet browser onto that and jump to the sign-up page of com/link.
  • Without any fear provide your details and start with the process of creating your account for Roku.
  • Once done, hit continue to proceed further.
  • After that, you will see a screen appearing in front of your home screen asking for payment and information option. Here, you have to click on ‘I will do it later’ or ‘skip’ option.
  • Once you skip the ‘payment and information’ option, trust us it will never ask you again for your credit card details to provide for activation of Roku.
  • At last, for setting up Roku and account creation you need to enter the Roku Link Code.

That’s all. This would be a green bypass Roku account for you to access the feature and services of it. Congrats! You have activated Roku Without credit card (secure and personal account). Apart from this, if you need any assistance regarding the same or any, you are more than a welcome to contact our tech support.

Get Roku Paid Channels without making use of a Roku Account

  • First of all, you have to turn on your smart TV and the Roku player.
  • Also, provide your Roku a high-range of internet connectivity and go to its home screen.
  • Now, move your cursor to Roku channel and choose your favorite channel from the list.
  • Moreover, as soon as you get the paid channel, click it and get the brief information about your selected channels.
  • Next, hit the option ‘add channels’.
  • As soon as you have done successfully with the above-mentioned step, you will see that a screen will come with various payment methods. Choose any one from the appearing screen.
  • That’s it. You have added your paid channel to your Roku device successfully.

Now, you are free to enjoy unlimited streaming via Roku link code. Furthermore, you can also activate latest Roku channels like Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, Nowhere TV, Starz, NatGeo, FX networks and a lot more. Well, these newly arrived channels are recently added to your device in order to stream AVI Roku without any issue. You can now explore your favorite programs on the big screen and enjoy.


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