Tips to Choose a Domain Name that is Easy to Pronounce and Write

When it comes to the best domain registration you can do, think that your choice should be easy to talk and write.

The name of your website should be easy to understand for anyone to listen to.

Check out other related tips as well.

  1. Choose a unique name

Another tip is to create something unique so that you stand out in the minds of your readers.

One way to generate ideas is to search other blogs and sites related to your area. That way you realize what kind of domain your competition has used.

You will not want to accidentally use a name that is already registered or be accused of copying another site, right?

To search unique domain name, you also need to use a good service for example try Reg-names domain name services.

  1. Avoid hyphen

It is not recommended to create a domain with a hyphen. Do you know why?

Hyphens can signal spam – and you really do not like to be linked with it, right? As well you do not want to give a bad impression to your visitors and potential customers!

Domain names with hyphen also give rise to typos.

Another action not recommended is to choose to put a hyphen just because the original domain already has owner. If you choose a name that already belongs to another company, your customers will probably stop at your competition site for forgetting to use the hyphen.

  1. Avoid double letters

It’s a good thing to not use domains with double letters because it increases the chances of losing traffic from typos.

  1. Do not limit your domain

It’s a good idea to have a domain name related to your desktop because it gives the user an idea about your site. But care must be taken not to limit your options.

For example: a florist can choose the domain name as, but after a while, he decides to write not only about orchids, but also other types of flowers.

In this case, if the domain is extremely specific, other readers who are interested not in the specified subject will not reach the site.

So, think about what kind of content you will develop and how it will reflect on your domain.

Moving your WordPress site to another domain can be a frustrating process and can also cause you to lose positioning in search engines if you do not move in the right way.


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