Top Salman Khan Video Songs You Must Watch!

Are you a Bhai fan? Do you love Salman Khan to the core? Well, this super star has a personality that is unmatched. Every time you watch his video songs, you fall in love with him. After all, he is ‘The Star’ and you would definitely love him for who he is.

This is the post that is going to make you feel great and uplifted. Just download Vidmate Apk and you would have all the videos and clips you like for sure. You would have all the videos to download in the format of your choice, the resolution you like and the way you want it.  For now, have a look at some of the most amazing and top video songs of Salman Khan below:

O Oh JaaneJaana

This amazing song from the movie PyaarKya to DarnaKya is a hit of all times. Even today people love to dance on this rhythmic song. It is kind of a cute love story song and would make anyone dance on their feet.

Jag Ghoomeya

This amazing song is from the movie Sultan and it makes you feel good and great. The song is featuring Salman Khan and AnushkaSharma and makes a place in the heart in its first attempt.  This wonderful song is sung by IrshadKamil, and you would definitely love it once you listen to it.RahatFateh Ali Khan has sung it in a wonderful and amazing song. The video is wonderful too!


This is a love and charming song. That can make anyone feel wonderful an amazing. The song features Salman Khan and Jacqueline.   This is a wonderful song and makes the listener feel blended in the wine. Ah, any person who falls in love with anyone in life can relate to this song. The song makes the listener feel loved and dear.

Jumme Ki Raat

Jumme Ki Raat is a wonderful song and you would never want to miss this peppy track. If you have never watched or listened to this track then you should do it now. The song has some romantic, cheesy and perky beats in it. Even if you are not a dancer, you might want to feel like dancing. You would surely love this video song and you should do give it a try.

Main Hoon Hero

Main Hoon Hero is a wonderful song and you should definitely like it.  The track belongs to Hero Movie and you would definitely love it. You would definitely love this video song. The most amazing thing about this video song is that it is sung by Salman Khan.  You would relate to this song and you would feel passionate once you listen to this video song.


Thus, if you are a Salman Khan fan then you must not miss out these songs.  These songs are going to give you great pleasure. Your love for Salman Khan would get double and triple for sure. These songs are amazing and worth listening and watching.


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