Using Dynamics CRM to Run Social Media Campaigns

Using Dynamics CRM to Run Social Media Campaigns

Marketing in the age of social media is no longer what it used to be. With the prevalence of social media, patterns of purchasing, communication and preferences have changed dramatically. Even when sales take place in brick and mortar stores, the influence of social media is all pervasive.

Research shows that 57% of the buyers have made up their minds through different social media influencers even before they talk to a sales rep. Some show this figure to be as high as 70%. So, if still you do not already have a social media strategy, you are under a severe disadvantage. Even if you do enjoy some semblance of social presence, chances are that you are not exploiting it to its full potential.

However, it must be kept in mind that social media strategy cannot replace the traditional methods, which still show excellent results. Rather, it should be seen as an additional support, one that runs parallel to traditional means like emails and cold calls.

Need for specialized solution

One of the challenges of building and engaging in a social media strategy is the sheer volume involved. Starting a social media strategy without it means shooting in the dark and hoping that we hit the mark(s). Not just that, we must also devise just the right amount of communication required. Too much and you can irritate an already over-exposed consumer. Too little and you may not even meet your minimum objective of some low brand retention.

This is why businesses are now realizing the need for a specialized software that can collate all the data, analyze and draw inferences. Not just that, we also need software that can help us profile consumers so as to devise a more effective communication strategy.

Building a profile: Social media is noisy. There are too many accounts and people seem to post about everything, largely irrelevant for your purposes. One needs a structure to cut the noise from the data. CRM provides a platform where real-world data can be fed to create a more detailed profile.

CRM can also effectively cull data from multiple sources. We are now looking at media beyond popular platforms and focusing on business forums and blogs. These are specially designed to be industry-specific. CRM helps us by structuring all the data.

Devising the right communication strategy: Buyers today are exposed to too many products through every channel. An effective strategy will be engage them in manner that seems personal without being too pushy. Dynamics CRM helps us in depicting the buyers, building a profile of preferences and tastes. We can use it to create a more personal sales approach, adding sales pitch with information.

Search patterns: It all starts with a search. To position yourself on the social media you must get to know what people are searching for, specifically when it is related to your product. We need phrases and specific keywords. MS CRM gives you an insight into contacts, accounts and leads. All your sales force needs is a license.

Know your competition: The social media can reveal an amazing amount of information about the buying patterns in the industry and this includes getting to know your competition as well. CRM helps us in monitoring buyers and their behavior patterns. It can reveal their communication strategy and what they are doing right. Similarly, it can also reveal where the competition is falling short. This is our opportunity to strike, of seizing the opportunity.

Liaising with the support staff: There is no doubt that the social media is a goldmine of information. But it would be a grave mistake to connect it only with marketing. Many other departments, such as product development and communications can also benefit immensely from this data. CRM offer a real-time access to data and its analysis. Dynamics CRM is a platform where all employees can log in data and then access it when and where required. Hence, it facilitates a smooth transfer of data across board and true assimilation of information.


Today social media is a powerful marketing tool. By giving us direct access to the market, it is the perfect tool for contact, marketing, and information. Microsoft dynamics CRM consultants offers us the means to assimilate, structure, analyze and access the data in manner that befits us.



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