Verifying the FSSAI license details

Once you have acquired the license details of a business, the next thing would be to check up its authenticity and other information.

This is a fairly simple task. There is an online utility that allows for one to verify the details of any FSSAI food license registration number. It is available on the official FSSAI website, and which can be accessed using the below link.

Once the details have been entered, the fssai online system will check with the official server for the necessary information. Should such a thing exist in the official records, all the relevant details will be retrieved and displayed on the screen.

If in case no such information is available, the fssai online system will instead display an error message, meaning that one will have to double check the FSSAI licensing number entered in the screen.

Last but not the least, you can also have the work outsourced to an agent for fssai from a company that specializes in fssai consultants, who can take care of all the necessary work, instead of doing it yourself. The same also goes for other things, like when you have to apply for fssai license and so on.

This holds true for other cases as well, as the utility can be used for requirements such as verification of fssai renewal status (if there is a request to renew a food license) and so on.

Also to be added here is that the main license code remains the same, even when one applies to renew an fssai.

In all, it should be added that the FSSAI food license registration details are in the public domain, and easily available.

Also, they are legally required to be displayed by the businesses as well.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle going about with completing this work.



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