Is Watching TV Beneficial For Young Children

Is Watching TV Beneficial For Young Children?

You must have read tons of writings, about the ill effects of watching TV for children but there are always two sides to a coin. We know enough about the harmful effects on children, as far as viewing of TV is concerned. Now let us look at the other side of the coin too.

There are few benefits of watching TV for children too. Here are few of them:

  • Educational value

Sony TV has a great educational value as it can be very effectively used as a tool for learning not only at home environment but also in the classrooms. Nowadays there are so many educational channels available where you can get the opportunity to learn history, geography, science, sports, wildlife, agriculture, health and nutrition and the list may go on and on.

As a parent or teacher, you need to guide your children and allow them to choose right content which is useful for child. Due to powerful visual effect the value of education can increase manifold. Children will remember for a long time what they have seen in TV as compared to reading from any book.

  • Medium of information

Nowadays there is tremendous amount of competition and therefore children need to remain updated with different knowledges about latest developments. You can find number of advertisements, news channels and latest happenings around the world, which comes to children very easily. Thus, children can learn about various latest information about all throughout the world.

  • Awareness about social, cultural and civic events

By watching different programs on TV Xiaomi, children get awareness about the society and they also learn about various social norms and culture. They are aware about their duties as a citizen.

  • Exposure to many different languages

In TV there are many regional channels where many different language programs run and by watching such programs children will know about different languages. By listening to the dialects of some other language slowly children can understand them.

  • Know about different places

How many of us can regularly travel to different cities or different countries? TV provides an opportunity to see various famous locations of different parts of the country as well as in foreign countries so that you may know about various prominent places in much detail. All that from the comfort of your house and without spending any money for travelling.

  • Logical/Analytical thinking

In various TV channels, often discussions and debates take place and children get to learn about various point of views and as a result their minds also react. Not only their logical and analytical power increases but also, they develop certain values and individual mindsets. Various conversations that take place on different channels offer them an opportunity to think and help them to have their own independent point of view.

  • Bonding with family

When all the members of the family watch TV program together in their relaxed mood then it can keep them engaged in productive activity, as a result the family bonding will increase.

Having said that, there is no doubt there are plenty of harmful effects of TV however if it is used in calibrated manner then it can offer plenty of benefits too.



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