Web Hosting Provider – Hosting The Web Sites, To Make Them Visible In The Internet

Web hosting is a service. This service in particular allows the individual users or organisations or institutions to post aweb site or a web page onto the internet.

Web hosting is an essential feature for any web site. It is the physical location of any web site, on the internet. It is also an online storage center for storing the information, video, images and other web page contents of the web site.

What is web hosting provider?

Web hosting service provider, commonly known as a web host, is a business. This business provides the requisite technologies with the associated services, those are required for the web site or the web page to be visible in the internet.

Web hosting providers host the web sites. The web sites are stored on specially developed high powered computers. These computers are known as servers.  Web hosting service providers maintain these servers where all the data of the web sites are housed. Web hosting providers also provide and manage the technology that makes the web site to be connected to the internet.

Once a user of the internet is wanting to visit a web site, the user just needs to type the web site address or the name of the domain into her/his browser. The computer system of the user will automatically connect to the related server. The wanted web site or the web page will be delivered to the user through the browser.

The web hosting provider companies wish the user to have her/his own domain to be able to host the web site with the hosting provider company. The user, not having a domain, is helped by the web hosting company to have a domain, by purchasing it.

Special Features provided by a Web Hosting Provider-

  • The web hosting providers need the users to have their own domain’s name. The user can create domain E mail account with her/his domain name and e mail account, through the special features provided by the web hosting provider company.
  • File Transfer Protocol can be accessed with the special features provided by the web hosting provider. The use of File Transfer Protocol allows the user to upload files from the local computer to the web server. The users, who build their own web sites using their own HTML files, the user will be able to transfer the files from her/his computer machine to the web server, with the use of File Transfer Protocol or FTP. This also allows the web sites to be accessed through the use of internet.
  • The support of WordPress is a vital feature provided by Web Hosting Provider. WordPress is a tool for online web site creation. WordPress is also a very powerful blogging and a content management system for web sites. WordPress is a very convenient way to create and manage web sites. More than 25% of web sites are powered by WordPress, on the internet. The best web hosting providers provide WordPress compatible plans to their users.

ComputeHost is a leading global web hosting provider company, that provides the best web hosting service with top level performance to its clients, ata very affordable price.

Best VPS Hosting is the best hosting service provided through VPS hosting service, to its clients. A VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server and is a virtualised server. It has a hosting environment of a Dedicated server hosting, since a Virtual Private Server hosting environment mimics a Dedicated Server Hosting environment, within a Shared Hosting environment.

Technically speaking, a VPS hosting is both Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. The technology behind the VPS hosting is same as VMware or a Virtual Box. This program allows the user to run many virtualised operating systems on a single machine only.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • VPS hosting provides the users the affordability of Shared hosting service, with the performance of a dedicated server hosting.
  • VPS hosting provides optimum privacy as the user does not share the operating system with any other user. No other web site on the server can access to the files of the user.
  • VPS hosting provides the user with her/his own operating system. The user has all the instances of all server applications. It allows the user to customise the service.
  • VPS Hosting provides the user the absolute control of the server. It allows a system restart at any time for installation of any server application. This restarting of the VPS server does not affect any other user.
  • The user has dedicated resources on a VPS server. There is a dedicated amount of RAM available to the user at any time of use. No other user on the server can use the user’s allotted RAM.

ComputeHost is the world’s most leading VPS hosting service provider, which is providing the highest performance VPS hosting service to its clients, that too at a very reasonable price.


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