What You Need To Know For the Post on Social Media

What You Need To Know For the Post on Social Media

Images are the most attractive things on social media that ideally mention as a cover photo, profile pictures, and Facebook ads. These posts may attract several followers and achieve the best comment on the post. These posts play a very important role which makes popular of your brand if you are using it as blogs or pages for the publicity of your product or your talent. We must sure to make our post in latest design and show some creativity in our post. Social media is the best way to increase business when we share our brand on facebook and we need to know recommendation of our readers & social media viewers as well.

facebook image size plays an significant role in social media because this is the way what actually you want to explain in your best brand.

Facebook Post Sizes:

Facebook is a biggest social media network that works to connect people to people through the post what you share. Your post may display on your timeline or your friend’s timeline, it all depends on you how to share your post.

Profile Photo Size: 180×180:

  • Profile photo must be uploaded in 170×170 sizes on facebook, 128×128 on smartphones.
  • When you uploaded profile pictures than it located in 16 pixels from left and 176 pixels from the top of your cover photo on the computer.

Facebook Cover Photo Size: 820 X 312:

Your facebook cover photo only appears on facebook timeline and the size of the cover photo is bigger than the profile picture. Cover photo can be related to your own photo, brand logo and it can be related good choice as you want to add. The cover photo always remains on the top of your timeline and it displays in large panoramic image space.

  • Cover photo size must be 820 x 312 pixels on the desktop and 640 x 360 pixels on smartphones.

Timeline Images: 1200 X 630

Timeline image means these images always display on your facebook page when you and someone comes on your front facebook page. Most of the followers like your post and do comment on it.

Facebook Shared A Link: 1200 X 628 Pixels:

Facebook shared link displays an image which you post on facebook timeline. In these links you may get more option to work such as you can choose to create any shared link with text as you want to mention. You can add an image in rectangular shape and add some text from top to bottom. Now facebook will prepare these photos for publication under the minimum dimension as per facebook criteria.

  • You may share your post in size of 1200 x 628 pixels in the rectangular shape.

Facebook Event Image: 1920 X 1080:

Facebook event image post presents event preview that is a good opportunity for you because that can help build your post.

  • Event post size is recommended in 1920 x 1080 so that it can effect on future attendees.


Facebook is responsible social network because it saves your post with attractive mode so that your business grows up. Therefore facebook always dimension your post in very clear pictures to achieve more followers and reactions as well.

Facebook posts are powerful marketing tools that play online to enhance interest in your business brand. These posts make easy your content what you want to share.


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