Withings Steel HR

As we all know that in today’s technological world, there is an extensive rise in the demand of fitness trackers around the world. There is a vast number of population who prefers to wear a fitness tracker, so that they can know their exercise routine. The Withings Steel HR, might seem a bit expensive, but it can turn out to be a better choice with an amazing design. It has a classic design, inclusive of a lot of fitness tracking features and characteristics. It is basically suitable for those people, who are in need of a fitness watch, which can look like a regular routine watch. It has a lot of features, like tracking steps, heart rate, distance, and calories.


Withings Steel HR come in two sizes, 40 mm, and 36 mm. Where on one side, 36 mm model looks a bit sleek, on the other hand, 40 mm gives a very sophisticated and classy look. It has a combination of a glossy metallic surface, and a curved glass, which provides it a very stylish look. It is very light in weight. It gives you two choices for the watch straps. Either you can choose a leather watch strap, or a silicone one, depending upon your need and the model you opt for. The strap is very elastic, and gives a very classic look. It has a very dynamic and strong digital display, showing a lot of information like, how much calories you have burnt, your heart rate, and how much steps you have taken. It provides you with a crown button, which helps you to scroll through them. You can get great discount on electronic devices online using Paytm Mall Offers

It can also receive notifications if it is connected to your smartphone, which includes incoming messages, caller ID, etc. This makes it a lot smarter as compared to its competitors, and all the previous Withings watches. But the sad part is that the notifications are limited, as it cannot receive the WhatsApp notifications, or there is no email let alone option to pull in the notifications. It limits the usefulness to those persons who don’t receive a lot of SMS messages, but receive a lot of WhatsApp texts. The other thing that is a bit disappointing is that, its display is quite small, which makes it difficult for you to work with. But it gives you an auto brightness support, which allows you to adjust it to your surroundings.


As discussed above, it gives you a lot of smart features in your daily life. It also connects with the withings health mate companion application on android and IOS, which helps you you to setup the watch. You can pair it with bluetooth, after taking a setup process, which allows you to adjust the time along with your target steps. It also provides you with heart rate monitor, which is reliable and accurate. If you have to compare the battery life to its competitors, then unfortunately we have to say that it has a quite less competitive battery life. Along with a heart rate monitor, it also provides you with an Activity tracker, and a sleep tracker. Many people find its battery life satisfying, while on the other hand many people wants it to be more long lasting. So, it depends upon your own needs. It also enables you to set a silent alarm as well.


So, the pros or the advantages of Withings Steel HR, includes a very classic and attractive design. It also gives you a very comforting strap, with a very elegant look. It also allows you to set silent alarms. It has a very accurate heart rate monitor, which makes it smarter than its competitors.


The cons, or the disadvantages of Withings Steel HR, includes the inaccurate distance measurements, along with being unable to set smart alarms. The other thing that turns out to be a disadvantage, is that it allows limited notifications. Moreover if you are looking for SBI careers then it could be the best chance to try it


Withings Steel HR is a smart fitness tracker, which looks very classic, and elegant, and is suitable for those people who wants to wear it casually as well. It is very light in weight, and has a lot of good fitness features, like, monitoring your heart rate, along with tracking your steps, and calories. It might not be the best fitness tracker, as it has some of its disadvantages, like, limited notifications, along with inaccurate distance measurements. But it definitely gives a tough competition. It is quite expensive, but it is suitable for those people who are interested in both fashion and fitness.



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